Ceramics are the easiest surfaces to clean since they require very low
maintenance and are definitely fun to clean. However, keeping them in their
original condition all year round is quite a difficult task. There are just those
tough and stubborn stains that curtail this fun no matter how hard you
scrub. When your ceramic surfaces are starting to show the early signs of
stains and molds, or you are simply trying to bring new life to the ceramic
tiles, then it is time to try out the Ceramic Stain Remover by Amaris
Chemical Solutions.
There are many reasons why stain-causing microbes could initially develop
on your ceramics. This could be caused by, but not limited to these two
major reasons: 1) increase in room temperature, causing humidity and
moisture that bacteria thrives off, 2) Spillages that leave behind microbes
on your ceramic surfaces. Bacteria is all around us, and stopping it from
coming in contact with your ceramics is almost impossible. Hence the need
to use the Ceramic Stain Remover.
The Amaris Chemical Ceramic Stain Remover is a thoughtfully formulated
and genuinely tested product that aggressively removes any level of stain,
yes, even those tough and stubborn stains. Despite its high acidic PH, the
product is safe for consumers and compatible with all ceramic surfaces
without causing any damage. It is highly compatible with and effective in
removing stains on:
1. Wall tiles,
2. Floor tiles,
3. Ceramic surfaces: Toilet seats, Sinks, Bathtubs, Urinals 
4. Porcelain surfaces and other hard surfaces

Here are some of the most interesting features about the product:
1. Breaks down bonding easily and effectively
2. It is safe on all ceramic surfaces
3. It is versatile
4. It is safe on users
5. It has low fuming
6. It saves labor and time
7. It clings on formulation
8. Dilution up to 4 parts

Now that we got this far, the biggest question at this point would be, how do
you use this product? This is a user friendly product with a self-explanatory
and easy procedure to follow.
a. Wear Gloves while using the product
b. Dilute the product up to 4 parts of water in a pail
c. Apply by either brushing, spraying or soaking method.
d. Allow 5-15 minutes to penetrate through the stains
e. Agitate with a soft brush
f. Flush with plenty of water and repeat if necessary

(Always test on an inconspicuous area before using!)

Your safety is definitely our top priority. Hence it is highly advisable to
observe the following precautionary measures while using the Ceramic
Stain Remover:
1. Wear gloves before using this product
2. Avoid contact with eyes
3. Store in a cool dry place below 25 Degrees Celsius
4. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use

Always remember that the key to keeping your ceramic tiles free of stains
and mold is regular and efficient cleaning. With our purpose built Ceramic
Stain Remover all the aforementioned are assured. Hence, it is a very
effective cleaning partner for building maintenance and also, for household.

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