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3D Digital Shaker

3D Digital Shaker

A 3D Digital Shaker is a laboratory instrument used for agitation and mixing of samples in a three-dimensional motion. This type of shaker is designed to provide controlled and efficient mixing of liquids and substances in various containers, such as test tubes, microplates, or flasks.




Key features and components of a 3D Digital Shaker typically include:

  1. 3D Motion: The shaker moves in a three-dimensional motion, usually a combination of orbital and reciprocal shaking, providing thorough mixing and uniform distribution of samples.
  2. Digital Control: The shaker is equipped with a digital control panel or interface that allows users to set and adjust the speed, time, and mode of operation.
  3. Speed Adjustment: The speed of the shaking motion is adjustable, typically ranging from gentle mixing to more vigorous agitation, depending on the user’s requirements.
  4. Timer Function: The shaker may have a built-in timer function that allows users to set the desired shaking duration, after which the shaker automatically stops.
  5. Platform: The shaker has a platform where the sample containers, such as test tubes or flasks, are securely placed during shaking.
  6. Adjustable Clamps or Holders: The platform may come with adjustable clamps or holders to accommodate various container sizes and securely hold them in place during shaking.
  7. Safety Features: 3D Digital Shakers are designed with safety features, such as overload protection and an automatic shutdown mechanism in case of excessive vibration or imbalance.
  8. Compact and Space-Saving: These shakers are usually compact and designed to save valuable benchtop space in the laboratory.
  9. Application Flexibility: 3D Digital Shakers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including cell culture, DNA extraction, bacterial culture, ELISA, mixing of reagents, and many other biological and chemical processes.
  10. Quiet Operation: The shaker’s motor is designed to operate quietly, minimizing disturbances in the laboratory environment.

3D Digital Shakers are valuable tools in scientific research, as they provide efficient and consistent mixing of samples in a controlled and reproducible manner. The three-dimensional motion ensures thorough mixing of even challenging samples, such as those with high viscosity or low volumes. These shakers are widely used in molecular biology, microbiology, cell culture, biochemistry, and other areas of scientific research, contributing to the advancement of various scientific studies and experiments.


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