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Adhesive skin traction - Amaris Medical Solutions

Adhesive skin traction

Adhesive skin traction

Adhesive skin traction is a medical technique used to provide temporary traction to a body part, typically a limb, by applying adhesive strips directly to the skin. It is commonly used in orthopedic and traction therapy to help align and stabilize fractures, reduce pain, and promote healing.



Here’s a description of adhesive skin traction:

  1. Application: Adhesive skin traction involves applying adhesive strips or tapes directly to the skin surrounding the affected body part, typically the limb. The adhesive side of the tape adheres to the skin, while the non-adhesive side is used to attach weights or other traction devices.
  2. Traction force: Once the adhesive strips are in place, traction is applied by attaching weights or other devices to the non-adhesive side of the tape. The weight applied creates a pulling force that helps realign bone fragments, relieve pressure on joints or tissues, and promote proper healing.
  3. Adhesive strips: The adhesive strips used in skin traction are typically made of medical-grade adhesive materials that provide strong adhesion to the skin without causing damage or irritation. These strips are designed to securely attach to the skin during the period of traction.
  4. Traction devices: Various types of traction devices can be attached to the adhesive strips to create the desired traction force. These devices may include weights, pulleys, ropes, or other mechanical systems that allow for controlled and adjustable tension.
  5. Monitoring and adjustment: Healthcare professionals closely monitor the traction force and adjust it as needed to ensure proper alignment and patient comfort. Regular assessments and imaging studies are performed to assess the effectiveness of the traction and make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Duration of use: Adhesive skin traction is typically used for a limited period, ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on the specific treatment plan and the patient’s condition. The duration of traction depends on factors such as the type of injury, the desired therapeutic outcome, and the patient’s response to treatment.
  7. Skin care: Proper skin care is essential during adhesive skin traction to prevent skin damage or irritation. Regular inspection of the skin under the adhesive strips is important to identify any signs of redness, irritation, or breakdown. If skin issues arise, healthcare professionals may adjust the application or provide appropriate interventions to protect the skin.
  8. Patient instructions: Patients receiving adhesive skin traction are typically given instructions on how to care for the traction site, maintain proper hygiene, and report any discomfort or complications to their healthcare provider. It’s important for patients to follow these instructions closely for optimal outcomes.

Adhesive skin traction is a technique used to provide temporary traction to promote healing and stability in orthopedic conditions. It requires proper application, monitoring, and attention to skin care to ensure patient safety and effectiveness. Healthcare professionals with expertise in traction therapy oversee the process and make necessary adjustments to optimize the benefits and minimize potential complications.


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