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Air Shield Boot 17" - Amaris Medical Solutions

Air Shield Boot 17″

Air Shield Boot 17″

The Air Shield Boot (17″) is a medical device designed for post-injury or post-surgery recovery of the foot and lower leg. It features inflatable air cells for customized compression, durable construction, and a non-slip sole. With a height of 17 inches, it provides full coverage and support. The boot is commonly used for fractures, sprains, and post-surgery care, offering stability, immobilization, and protection during the healing process. Its adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit.



The Air Shield Boot, also known as an Air Walker Boot or Pneumatic Walker Boot, is a medical device designed to provide support, immobilization, and protection to the foot and lower leg during post-injury or post-surgery recovery. It is commonly used in orthopedic settings and for managing various foot and ankle conditions. Here are the features and uses of the Air Shield Boot:

Features of Air Shield Boot (17″):

  1. Air Cushioning: The boot is equipped with an inflatable air bladder or air cells that can be adjusted to provide customized compression and support, ensuring a snug fit around the foot and lower leg.
  2. Durable Construction: The Air Shield Boot is made of sturdy and durable materials, providing stability and protection to the affected area.
  3. 17-Inch Height: This specific Air Shield Boot has a height of 17 inches, providing full coverage and support to the lower leg during recovery.
  4. Removable Liner: The boot often comes with a removable liner that can be washed or replaced, ensuring proper hygiene during prolonged use.
  5. Non-Slip Sole: The sole of the boot is designed to be non-slip, providing traction and stability during walking or weight-bearing activities.
  6. Adjustable Straps: Many Air Shield Boots come with adjustable straps or closures, such as hook-and-loop (Velcro) fasteners, allowing for a customizable fit and proper compression.

Uses of Air Shield Boot (17″):

  1. Fractures and Sprains: The Air Shield Boot is used to immobilize and protect the foot and lower leg during the healing process after fractures, sprains, and ligament injuries.
  2. Post-Surgery Recovery: After foot or ankle surgery, the Air Shield Boot provides support and protection to the surgical site during the recovery phase.
  3. Achilles Tendon Injuries: It is commonly used in managing Achilles tendon injuries or post-Achilles tendon surgery, providing stability and support to the affected area.
  4. Severe Ankle Sprains: For severe ankle sprains or strains, the Air Shield Boot helps prevent excessive movement and supports the healing process.
  5. Stress Fractures: The boot can aid in managing stress fractures by reducing weight-bearing on the affected foot, allowing for proper healing.
  6. Post-Cast Immobilization: After wearing a traditional cast, the Air Shield Boot may be used for transitioning to weight-bearing activities and regaining mobility.

The Air Shield Boot offers a versatile and effective solution for foot and lower leg support and protection during the recovery period. The adjustable air cushioning, along with the sturdy construction, allows for a more comfortable and customized fit, promoting a faster and more efficient healing process for various foot and ankle conditions.

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