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Air Walker with ROM Hinge - Amaris Medical Solutions

Air Walker with ROM Hinge

Air Walker with ROM Hinge

An Air Walker with ROM Hinge is a medical device designed to provide support, immobilization, and controlled range of motion to the ankle and foot. It features a boot-like structure made of rigid materials, with a hinge allowing controlled movement. This device is commonly used in the treatment and rehabilitation of ankle and foot injuries, post-surgical recovery, and managing stress fractures. It offers a customizable fit, lightweight design, and helps protect and promote healing in injured areas.



An Air Walker with ROM Hinge typically consists of a boot-like structure made of rigid plastic or composite materials, which encases the foot and extends up to the lower leg. The boot is attached to an adjustable frame, allowing for a customizable fit. The key feature of this device is the ROM hinge, which permits controlled movement of the ankle joint within a predetermined range. The air walker also has cushioned padding inside for comfort, and some models may have air cells that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the level of compression.


  1. Rigid Support: The Air Walker provides sturdy and rigid support to the foot, ankle, and lower leg, helping to immobilize and protect injured areas during the healing process.
  2. Range of Motion Hinge: The ROM hinge allows controlled movement of the ankle joint, which can be beneficial during the rehabilitation phase. It enables gradual increase in mobility while preventing excessive or harmful movements.
  3. Customizable Fit: The adjustable frame and straps enable a personalized fit, ensuring comfort and proper immobilization for individual patients.
  4. Lightweight and Breathable: Despite their sturdy construction, Air Walkers are usually designed to be lightweight and breathable, reducing discomfort and the risk of moisture buildup during extended wear.


  1. Ankle and Foot Injuries: Air Walkers are commonly used to treat a wide range of ankle and foot injuries, including fractures, sprains, and post-surgical recovery. The immobilization helps protect the injured area, reduce swelling, and promote healing.
  2. Rehabilitation: The ROM hinge feature allows controlled movement of the ankle joint, making Air Walkers suitable for the rehabilitation phase after injuries or surgeries. Controlled motion can help prevent joint stiffness and maintain joint flexibility during recovery.
  3. Postoperative Support: After ankle or foot surgery, an Air Walker with ROM Hinge can provide support, stability, and protection to the surgical site, allowing for a safer and faster recovery.
  4. Stress Fractures: Air Walkers can be used to manage stress fractures in the lower leg, as the rigid support reduces pressure on the affected area during weight-bearing activities.
  5. Tendonitis and Ligament Injuries: Patients with tendonitis or ligament injuries in the ankle or foot can benefit from the immobilization and controlled movement offered by the Air Walker during the healing process.


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