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Atlanta Patient Transportation trolley - Amaris Medical Solutions

Atlanta Patient Transportation trolley

Atlanta Patient Transportation trolley

They are designed to provide a comfortable and safe means of moving patients from one location to another, such as from a patient room to a treatment area or from the emergency department to a different unit.



Key features that might be found in a patient transportation trolley include:

  1. Sturdy Construction: The trolley is typically constructed with a robust and durable frame to support the weight of the patient.
  2. Comfortable Padding: The surface of the trolley often features soft and comfortable padding to enhance patient comfort during transportation.
  3. Safety Rails: Some trolleys have side safety rails that can be raised to help secure the patient and prevent them from accidentally rolling off the trolley.
  4. Wheels with Locking Mechanisms: The trolley is equipped with wheels, allowing for easy mobility, and they may have locking mechanisms to ensure stability when the trolley is stationary.
  5. Adjustable Positions: The trolley may offer adjustable positions, such as various backrest angles, to accommodate different patient needs and conditions.
  6. IV Pole Holder: There might be a holder or hook for an intravenous (IV) pole, which is essential for patients receiving fluids or medications during transport.
  7. Easy-to-Clean Design: Patient transportation trolleys are designed with smooth surfaces and materials that are easy to clean and sanitize, maintaining proper infection control practices.


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