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Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer 200 Tests - Amaris Medical Solutions

Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer 200 Tests

Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer 200 Tests

An automatic blood chemistry analyzer that can perform 200 tests refers to a sophisticated medical instrument used in clinical laboratories to analyze various biochemical parameters in patient blood samples. It is a high-throughput and fully automated analyzer, capable of handling a large number of samples and performing a wide range of tests simultaneously.




Key features and capabilities of an automatic blood chemistry analyzer with 200 tests include:

  1. High Throughput: The analyzer can process a large number of blood samples in a short period, making it suitable for high-volume clinical laboratories with a high testing demand.
  2. Multi-Parameter Analysis: With 200 available tests, the analyzer can measure a wide range of biochemical parameters, including electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, lipids, hormones, and metabolites. This comprehensive testing menu allows for a thorough assessment of a patient’s overall health and aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of various medical conditions.
  3. Automated Sample Handling: The analyzer has an automated sample handling system that allows laboratory technicians to load multiple patient samples into the instrument at once. The samples are usually placed in racks or sample trays compatible with the analyzer.
  4. Automated Reagent Handling: The analyzer also automates the handling of reagents required for the different tests. Reagents are pre-packaged in individual containers or cartridges, and the analyzer dispenses them automatically for testing.
  5. Continuous Processing: The analyzer can run multiple tests concurrently, allowing continuous processing of samples and reducing turnaround time for test results.
  6. Optical System: The analyzer utilizes an advanced optical system to measure the color change or absorbance produced by the reaction between the sample and reagent. The optical system may be based on spectrophotometry, fluorometry, turbidimetry, or other photometric methods, depending on the specific analytes being tested.
  7. Quality Control and Calibration: Automatic blood chemistry analyzers include built-in quality control mechanisms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. They also require regular calibration to maintain precise and consistent performance.
  8. User-Friendly Interface: The analyzer features a user-friendly interface with a touch-screen display and intuitive software, allowing laboratory staff to set up and manage tests easily.
  9. Data Management: The analyzer is equipped with data management software that stores and manages patient information, test results, and quality control data. It can generate comprehensive reports and can be integrated with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) for seamless data transfer.


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