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Automatic cell analyzer-hematology analyzer - Amaris Medical Solutions

Automatic cell analyzer-hematology analyzer

Automatic cell analyzer-hematology analyzer

The Automatic Cell Analyzer, also known as the Hematology Analyzer, is a cutting-edge medical instrument designed to revolutionize the field of hematology and blood analysis. Utilizing advanced technology and automated processes, this analyzer provides rapid and precise results for a wide range of blood parameters, enabling healthcare professionals to diagnose and monitor various health conditions more efficiently.




Key Features and Specifications:

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC) Analysis: The Automatic Cell Analyzer performs a comprehensive Complete Blood Count (CBC) analysis, which includes quantifying various blood components such as red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and differential white blood cell counts.
  2. High Throughput and Speed: Equipped with advanced automation and sophisticated algorithms, the analyzer processes a large number of blood samples within a short period. This high throughput capability significantly reduces turnaround times, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  3. Multi-Parameter Analysis: Beyond CBC, the Hematology Analyzer can assess additional parameters, such as red cell distribution width (RDW), mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), and more. This wealth of information aids in the evaluation of various blood disorders and abnormalities.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The analyzer features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible to laboratory technicians and medical professionals with varying levels of expertise. The user-friendly design streamlines the analysis process and reduces the risk of errors.
  5. Automated Calibration and Quality Control: To ensure accuracy and reliability, the Hematology Analyzer performs automated calibration and regular quality control checks. This feature helps maintain consistent and precise results over time, meeting stringent quality assurance standards.
  6. Sample Identification and Tracking: Integrated barcode scanners or RFID technology allow for accurate sample identification and tracking throughout the analysis process. This feature minimizes the risk of sample mix-ups and improves data integrity.
  7. Comprehensive Result Reporting: The analyzer generates comprehensive and easy-to-read reports, presenting all relevant blood parameters and their reference ranges. Clear graphical representations help visualize trends and abnormalities for better patient management.
  8. Data Connectivity and Integration: The Automatic Cell Analyzer is equipped with data connectivity options, enabling seamless integration with laboratory information systems (LIS) and hospital networks. This facilitates data management, archiving, and remote access to results.


The Hematology Analyzer is a versatile tool with applications in various medical settings, including:

  • Routine health check-ups and wellness screenings
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of blood disorders (e.g., anemia, leukemia)
  • Pre-operative assessments and post-treatment follow-ups
  • Management of chronic diseases and infections
  • Blood bank and transfusion compatibility testing


The Automatic Cell Analyzer – Hematology Analyzer represents a transformative advancement in blood analysis, offering swift and accurate diagnostic insights. Its automated processes, multi-parameter analysis, and user-friendly interface elevate the efficiency and precision of blood testing in clinical laboratories and healthcare facilities. With this state-of-the-art technology, healthcare professionals can make timely and informed decisions, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare practices.


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