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Axillary Crutches (Pair) - Amaris Medical Solutions

Axillary Crutches (Pair)

Axillary Crutches (Pair)

Axillary Crutches are a pair of adjustable and lightweight mobility aids designed to provide support and assistance to individuals with lower limb injuries or mobility challenges. Their cushioned axillary pads and hand grips offer comfort and stability, enabling users to walk with reduced weight-bearing on the lower limbs. Whether during post-injury recovery, rehabilitation, or temporary mobility issues, axillary crutches help individuals maintain their mobility and independence.



Axillary crutches are a type of mobility aid designed to provide support and assistance to individuals with mobility challenges, particularly those who have difficulty walking or have sustained injuries to the lower limbs. Here’s a description of their features and uses:


  1. Adjustable Height: Axillary crutches are typically adjustable in height, allowing users to customize the crutches’ length to suit their individual needs and height.
  2. Axillary Pads: These crutches have cushioned axillary pads, also known as underarm pads, which provide comfort and support to the underarms while using the crutches.
  3. Hand Grips: The crutches are equipped with hand grips that allow users to securely hold and maneuver the crutches during walking.
  4. Sturdy Construction: Axillary crutches are made from durable and lightweight materials, ensuring they are strong enough to support the user’s weight while remaining easy to carry.
  5. Rubber Tips: The tips of the crutches are usually fitted with rubber caps, providing traction and stability on various surfaces.


  1. Assisted Walking: Axillary crutches are primarily used to provide assistance for individuals who have difficulty walking due to injuries, surgeries, or conditions affecting their lower limbs.
  2. Post-Injury or Surgery: They are commonly used during the recovery period after lower limb injuries or surgeries to support the user’s weight and maintain mobility.
  3. Non-Weight Bearing: For individuals with conditions or injuries that require them to avoid putting weight on one or both legs, axillary crutches can provide the necessary support to keep the affected limb(s) elevated.
  4. Rehabilitation: Axillary crutches are often used as part of a rehabilitation program to help individuals regain strength and mobility after certain medical procedures or physical conditions.
  5. Fracture Support: In cases of fractures or sprains in the lower limbs, these crutches help individuals maintain stability and mobility while the injury heals.
  6. Temporary Aid: Axillary crutches can serve as a temporary aid for individuals with short-term mobility issues, such as those caused by minor injuries or illnesses.
  7. Independent Mobility: They offer a means for individuals with mobility challenges to maintain a certain level of independence and carry out daily activities with reduced assistance.
  8. Physical Therapy: Axillary crutches may be used in physical therapy sessions to help patients learn proper crutch usage and gait training.

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