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Biopsy coaxial needle - Amaris Medical Solutions

Biopsy coaxial needle

Biopsy coaxial needle

Introducing our revolutionary Biopsy Coaxial Needle – a cutting-edge medical instrument designed for precise tissue biopsy procedures. Its coaxial design ensures accurate tissue sampling, making it an ideal choice for cancer diagnosis, lesion evaluation, and diagnostic accuracy. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides medical professionals with the confidence to achieve optimal results and improve patient outcomes. Elevate your biopsy procedures with our Biopsy Coaxial Needle today!




Product Description: Biopsy Coaxial Needle

Discover the revolutionary Biopsy Coaxial Needle, a medical instrument designed to revolutionize tissue biopsy procedures. This advanced tool combines cutting-edge technology and precise craftsmanship, providing medical professionals with the confidence to achieve accurate tissue samples and improve patient outcomes significantly. Whether you’re performing biopsies in a hospital, clinic, or medical facility, our Biopsy Coaxial Needle is the ultimate solution for a wide range of diagnostic applications.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Precision: The Biopsy Coaxial Needle boasts meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring unparalleled precision during tissue sampling. Its design minimizes tissue trauma, resulting in more accurate biopsy samples for precise and reliable diagnoses.
  2. Coaxial Configuration: Featuring an innovative coaxial design with an outer sheath and inner cutting cannula, this needle enables seamless, guided insertion, reducing the risk of deviation and improving biopsy accuracy.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Patient safety and product reliability are paramount. Our Biopsy Coaxial Needle is crafted from top-grade materials, providing durability, longevity, and consistent performance in every biopsy procedure.
  4. Multiple Gauge Options: With a variety of gauge sizes available, healthcare professionals can choose the most appropriate needle for the target tissue, ensuring optimal results and minimal patient discomfort.
  5. Clear Depth Markers: Equipped with clear depth markers, the needle allows precise positioning and depth control, empowering medical practitioners to achieve successful biopsies with confidence.
  6. Sterile and Single-Use: Our Biopsy Coaxial Needle comes in a sterile, single-use package, adhering to strict medical standards and reducing the risk of contamination.


  1. Tissue Biopsy: The Biopsy Coaxial Needle is the go-to instrument for various tissue biopsy procedures. From soft tissues to solid organs, this needle enables accurate and minimally invasive tissue sampling for diagnostic purposes.
  2. Cancer Diagnosis: Medical professionals rely on our Biopsy Coaxial Needle for cancer diagnosis, where precise tissue samples are crucial for determining the type and stage of malignancy.
  3. Lesion Evaluation: For suspicious lesions and abnormalities detected through imaging studies, our needle allows clinicians to obtain biopsy samples to evaluate potential diseases or conditions.
  4. Diagnostic Accuracy: Our Biopsy Coaxial Needle is used to ensure diagnostic accuracy in cases where precise tissue sampling is vital for effective treatment planning and patient care.

Experience the future of tissue biopsy with our Biopsy Coaxial Needle. Elevate your medical practice, deliver accurate diagnoses, and improve patient outcomes with this cutting-edge instrument. Trust in its precision, ease of use, and reliability to revolutionize your biopsy procedures and deliver exceptional healthcare to your patients.


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