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Breast Localization Needle wires - Amaris Medical Solutions

Breast Localization Needle wires

Breast Localization Needle wires

Enhance accuracy and confidence in breast localization procedures with our Breast Localization Needle Wires. Featuring a high-precision tip and radiopaque markings, they ensure precise lesion localization. The smooth insertion and flexible shaft provide patient comfort, while secure fixation maintains marker position. Streamline your procedures with these sterile, single-use needle wires, designed for successful surgical outcomes. Elevate your breast care – choose Breast Localization Needle Wires today!



Product Description: Breast Localization Needle Wires

Experience confidence and precision in breast localization procedures with our Breast Localization Needle Wires. Designed to enhance accuracy during pre-surgical localization, this cutting-edge medical instrument empowers healthcare professionals to mark the exact location of non-palpable breast lesions or abnormalities. Whether you’re a radiologist, surgeon, or medical facility, our Breast Localization Needle Wires are the go-to choice for streamlining breast localization procedures and providing optimal patient care.

Key Features:

  1. High Precision Tip: Our Breast Localization Needle Wires feature a high-precision, ultra-fine tip, ensuring accurate placement in the target area. The fine gauge minimizes patient discomfort while maximizing accuracy, allowing for a successful localization procedure.
  2. Radiopaque Markings: Each needle wire is equipped with radiopaque markings that facilitate easy visualization during imaging procedures. These clear markings enable precise positioning, ensuring the lesion’s exact location is marked for subsequent surgical procedures.
  3. Smooth Insertion: The needle wire’s smooth and tapered design allows for gentle insertion into breast tissue, minimizing trauma and providing a comfortable experience for the patient.
  4. Flexible Shaft: The flexible shaft of the needle wire offers maneuverability and adaptability during the placement process, enabling medical professionals to navigate challenging anatomical structures with ease.
  5. Secure Fixation: Our Breast Localization Needle Wires come with a secure fixation mechanism, preventing displacement after insertion. This feature ensures the marker remains in the correct position until the surgical procedure is performed.
  6. Sterile and Single-Use: Each needle wire is delivered in a sterile, single-use package, adhering to stringent medical standards to maintain aseptic conditions and patient safety.


  1. Non-Palpable Breast Lesions: Our Breast Localization Needle Wires are specifically designed for accurate localization of non-palpable breast lesions detected during mammography or ultrasound examinations.
  2. Pre-Surgical Localization: The needle wires aid in marking the precise location of breast abnormalities, enabling surgeons to locate and remove the lesion with precision during surgical procedures.
  3. Lumpectomy and Biopsy: In lumpectomy and biopsy procedures, our needle wires help guide surgeons to the exact location of the targeted tissue, ensuring precise excision for successful treatment.
  4. Streamlined Localization: Medical facilities can rely on our Breast Localization Needle Wires to streamline localization procedures, reducing patient discomfort and enhancing procedural efficiency.

Elevate your breast localization procedures with the exceptional accuracy and precision of our Breast Localization Needle Wires. With their high-quality design and reliable performance, they empower medical professionals to deliver optimal patient care and achieve successful surgical outcomes. Invest in confidence and precision – get your Breast Localization Needle Wires today and experience the difference in breast localization procedures.


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