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Catheter Tray with covers - Amaris Medical Solutions

Catheter Tray with covers

Catheter Tray with covers

A Catheter Tray with covers is a specialized medical device used in healthcare settings, particularly during catheterization procedures. It is designed to provide a sterile and organized workspace for healthcare professionals while preparing and performing catheter insertions or changes. The tray contains various components necessary for the catheterization process and is covered with a lid or wrap to maintain the sterility of the contents.




Here is a description of the typical features and components found in a Catheter Tray with covers:

  1. Tray: The tray itself is usually made of durable, non-porous material, such as plastic or stainless steel, to prevent contamination and provide easy cleaning and sterilization. It comes in various sizes to accommodate different catheterization supplies.
  2. Sterile Packaging: The catheter tray is pre-packaged in a sterile condition, ensuring that all the components inside remain free from microorganisms until the tray is opened for use.
  3. Components: The tray contains various sterile components necessary for catheter insertion and the associated procedure. Some common components may include:
    • Catheters: Different sizes and types of catheters suited for the specific procedure, such as urinary catheters for urinary catheterization.
    • Lubricant: Sterile lubricating jelly or gel to aid in the smooth insertion of the catheter.
    • Gloves: Sterile gloves for the healthcare professional to maintain aseptic technique during the procedure.
    • Drape or Towel: Sterile drape or towel to create a sterile field around the insertion site.
    • Antiseptic Solution: Antiseptic solution, such as povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine, for prepping the insertion site.
    • Syringe: Sterile syringe for inflating the catheter balloon, if applicable.
    • Collection Bag: Sterile urine collection bag for collecting the urine after catheterization.
  4. Cover or Lid: The catheter tray comes with a cover or lid that seals the contents inside and maintains their sterility. The cover may be made of plastic, paper, or a combination of materials.
  5. Tear Strips: Some catheter trays have tear strips on the packaging, allowing easy and aseptic opening when needed.

The Catheter Tray with covers provides a convenient and efficient solution for healthcare professionals to access the necessary supplies during catheterization procedures. Its design ensures that the components remain sterile and ready for use, reducing the risk of infections and complications associated with catheter insertions. After the procedure, any unused supplies are typically discarded, and the tray can be disposed of or restocked for future use.


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