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CERVICAL TRACTION KIT - Amaris Medical Solutions



The Cervical Traction Kit is a specialized medical device used to apply controlled and gentle traction to the cervical spine (neck) for therapeutic purposes. This traction kit is designed to relieve pressure on the neck’s vertebrae, discs, and surrounding structures, providing pain relief, promoting proper alignment, and assisting in the management of certain neck-related conditions.



Our Cervical Traction Kit is thoughtfully designed to ensure effective and safe traction therapy for the neck while prioritizing patient comfort. The kit contains all the necessary components for application and is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Key Features:

  1. Cervical Traction Device: The kit includes a cervical traction device that is adjustable and provides the pulling force required for neck traction.
  2. Head Halter or Chin Strap: The traction device is often accompanied by a head halter or chin strap that helps secure the device around the patient’s head and neck.
  3. Ratcheting Mechanism: Some cervical traction devices come with a ratcheting mechanism that allows for controlled and precise adjustment of the traction force.
  4. Comfortable Padding: The head halter or chin strap is typically padded for added comfort during traction therapy.
  5. User-Friendly Instructions: The kit includes clear and easy-to-follow instructions for proper application and usage, ensuring that healthcare professionals or caregivers can use it safely and effectively.


  1. Neck Pain Relief: Cervical traction is commonly used to relieve neck pain caused by muscle tension, herniated discs, or other cervical spine issues.
  2. Disc Herniation Management: It assists in reducing pressure on herniated discs in the neck, relieving symptoms such as pain, tingling, and numbness.
  3. Neck Stiffness and Mobility Improvement: Cervical traction helps improve neck mobility and reduce stiffness, promoting a greater range of motion.
  4. Muscle Spasm Reduction: It can aid in reducing muscle spasms in the neck, providing relaxation and pain relief.
  5. Cervical Spine Alignment: Cervical traction can help realign the cervical spine, promoting better posture and reducing strain on the neck.

Our Cervical Traction Kit is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals in providing effective and comfortable neck traction therapy for patients with cervical spine conditions. Its adjustable and user-friendly design ensures optimal patient comfort and safety during traction therapy sessions. Experience the benefits of our Cervical Traction Kit for targeted relief and management of neck-related issues.

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