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Dental Compressor 130/6 1HP TQ 6 ltrs - Amaris Medical Solutions

Dental Compressor 130/6 1HP TQ 6 ltrs

Dental Compressor 130/6 1HP TQ 6 ltrs

The “Dental Compressor 130/6 1HP TQ 6 ltrs” is a dental air compressor with a pressure capacity of 130 PSI, a motor power of 1 horsepower, and a tank capacity of 6 liters. It is used to provide a continuous supply of clean, compressed air for operating dental handpieces, air syringes, air scalers, and other dental instruments. The compressor’s compact design and oil-free operation make it suitable for dental clinics and laboratories, ensuring efficient and reliable performance during various dental procedures.




The “Dental Compressor 130/6 1HP TQ 6 ltrs” is a dental air compressor that is designed to provide a continuous supply of compressed air for various dental instruments and equipment. The model number “130/6” likely refers to the compressor’s specifications, such as the pressure (130 PSI) and the tank capacity (6 liters). The “1HP” indicates the compressor’s horsepower, which influences its power and performance.


  • Pressure: The compressor is capable of producing air at a pressure of 130 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is suitable for most dental applications.
  • Motor Power: With a 1HP motor, the compressor can deliver sufficient airflow to operate dental handpieces and other devices efficiently.
  • Tank Capacity: The 6-liter tank allows the compressor to store compressed air, reducing the need for the motor to continuously run, which can improve energy efficiency and reduce noise.
  • Oil-Free: Many dental compressors are oil-free to ensure that the compressed air is clean and free from oil particles, making it safe for use in dental procedures.

Uses: Dental compressors serve various essential functions in dental settings, including:

  1. Powering Dental Handpieces: The compressor provides the high-pressure air required to operate dental handpieces, including high-speed and low-speed handpieces used for procedures like drilling, polishing, and restorative work.
  2. Air Spray and Dry Air: Compressed air is used for air spray, cleaning debris from the dental work area, and providing a dry air source for various tasks, such as drying teeth for bonding procedures.
  3. Air Scalers: Dental air compressors power air scalers used for removing plaque and tartar from teeth during dental cleanings.
  4. Air Syringes: Compressed air is utilized in dental air-water syringes, which are used for rinsing and drying the patient’s mouth during treatment.
  5. Air Abrasion: In certain cases, dental air compressors are used for air abrasion procedures, which are minimally invasive alternatives to drilling for removing early-stage tooth decay.


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