Dressing pad/under pad

Dressing pad/under pad

Dressing pads, also known as underpads, are absorbent, disposable or reusable products designed to provide protection and manage moisture in a variety of healthcare and personal care settings. They typically consist of multiple layers of absorbent material, often featuring a waterproof or moisture-resistant backing, and are used to protect surfaces such as beds, mattresses, chairs, or tables from liquids and bodily fluids.




Underpads, also known as dressing pads or incontinence pads, are absorbent disposable or reusable products designed to protect surfaces from moisture, including beds, mattresses, chairs, and other furniture. They are used for various purposes in healthcare and personal care settings. Here are some common uses of underpads or dressing pads:

  1. Incontinence Management:
    • Underpads are frequently used for individuals who experience urinary or fecal incontinence. They are placed on bedding or chairs to absorb and contain any leakage, helping to keep the person and their surroundings dry and comfortable.
  2. Post-Surgery and Hospital Care:
    • In hospitals and healthcare facilities, underpads are used to protect beds and surgical tables during and after medical procedures, particularly when there is a risk of fluid leakage.
  3. Maternity and Postpartum Care:
    • Underpads are used in maternity wards to protect beds and furniture during labor and childbirth. They are also used in postpartum care to manage vaginal bleeding.
  4. Wound Care:
    • Dressing pads, which are a type of underpad, are used in wound care to cover and protect surgical wounds, ulcers, and other types of wounds. They help absorb any drainage and maintain a sterile environment.
  5. Pediatric Care:
    • Underpads can be used in pediatric care settings to protect cribs, changing tables, and other furniture from diaper leaks or spills.
  6. Elderly Care:
    • In long-term care facilities, underpads are often used for elderly individuals to manage incontinence and protect bedding and chairs.
  7. Home Healthcare:
    • Underpads are a valuable product in home healthcare, where they are used for bedridden patients or individuals with mobility issues who need protection against incontinence-related moisture.
  8. Dental and Medical Procedures:
    • Dental and medical professionals may use underpads to protect chairs and tables during procedures where fluids may be involved.
  9. Veterinary Care:
    • Underpads are used in veterinary care to protect examination tables and other surfaces during animal examinations and treatments.
  10. Travel and Outdoor Activities:
    • Disposable underpads can be used while traveling or during outdoor activities to provide a clean and absorbent surface for sitting or changing diapers for infants.



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