Electric Examining Table

Electric Examining Table

An Electric Examining Table, also known as an Electric Examination Table or Electric Medical Examination Table, is a specialized medical furniture designed to provide a comfortable and versatile platform for patients during medical examinations, procedures, and treatments. Unlike traditional manual examination tables, electric examining tables are motorized and can be adjusted electronically to various positions to accommodate different medical needs and enhance patient comfort.



Key Features:

  1. Electric Motor: The primary feature of an electric examining table is its electric motor, which allows for smooth and effortless adjustments of the table’s height and position. This motorized functionality makes it easier for healthcare providers to position the patient optimally for examinations and procedures.
  2. Height Adjustment: The electric motor enables the table’s height to be adjusted electronically. This feature allows the table to be lowered for easy patient access and raised to a comfortable working height for medical professionals, reducing strain and promoting ergonomic practices.
  3. Backrest Adjustment: Electric examining tables often have an electronically adjustable backrest, allowing patients to be placed in a seated or semi-reclined position during examinations or treatments.
  4. Leg Rest Adjustment: Some models of electric examining tables come with adjustable leg rests, allowing patients to be placed in various positions for gynecological exams, foot examinations, or other procedures that require elevated legs.
  5. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: Many electric examining tables offer Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions, where the entire table can be tilted to improve patient comfort or assist with specific medical procedures.
  6. Padded Surface: The table’s surface is typically well-padded and covered with medical-grade upholstery, ensuring patient comfort during extended examinations or treatments.
  7. Safety Features: Electric examining tables often include safety features such as safety locks and secure braking systems to prevent accidental movements and ensure stability during patient transfers.
  8. Weight Capacity: Electric examining tables are designed to support various weight capacities, depending on the model, to accommodate patients of different sizes and body types.


Electric examining tables are used in various healthcare settings, including:

  1. Medical Offices: For general physical examinations, medical assessments, and minor procedures performed in medical clinics and private practices.
  2. Hospitals: In various hospital departments, including examination rooms, emergency departments, and outpatient clinics, for a wide range of medical examinations and treatments.
  3. Gynecological and Obstetric Care: In gynecological and obstetric settings, the electric examining table allows for easy positioning of patients during pelvic exams and prenatal check-ups.
  4. Podiatry: In podiatry practices, the table’s adjustable leg rests are beneficial for examining and treating foot-related conditions.
  5. Specialty Clinics: In specialty clinics, such as urology or dermatology, where specific examinations or treatments require patient positioning adjustments.

Electric examining tables provide numerous advantages for healthcare professionals, offering convenience, versatility, and patient comfort during medical examinations and procedures. The motorized adjustments make it easier for medical personnel to focus on providing quality care, while the comfort features contribute to a positive patient experience during medical visits.



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