Extra Wide Bariatric Wheel Chair

Extra Wide Bariatric Wheel Chair

An extra wide bariatric wheelchair is a specialized wheelchair designed to accommodate individuals with larger body sizes or higher weight capacities. These wheelchairs are specifically engineered to provide enhanced stability, durability, and comfort for bariatric or heavy-duty users.



Here’s a description of an extra wide bariatric wheelchair:

  1. Frame design: The wheelchair frame is constructed with a wider design to accommodate larger body sizes. It is typically made from heavy-duty materials such as reinforced steel or aluminum to provide robustness and durability. The frame is engineered to support higher weight capacities compared to standard wheelchairs.
  2. Weight capacity: Extra wide bariatric wheelchairs are designed to support higher weight capacities, typically ranging from 300 to 600 pounds (136 to 272 kilograms) or more, depending on the specific model. The frame and components are designed to withstand the added weight and provide safe and reliable support.
  3. Seat width and depth: Bariatric wheelchairs have wider seat dimensions compared to standard wheelchairs. The seat width can range from 20 inches up to 30 inches or more, allowing for ample seating space and improved comfort for bariatric users. The seat depth is also typically adjustable to accommodate individual preferences.
  4. Reinforced components: The components of an extra wide bariatric wheelchair, including the frame, wheels, and axles, are reinforced to withstand the additional weight and stress. This ensures the overall stability and durability of the wheelchair.
  5. Comfort features: Bariatric wheelchairs often come with comfort features to enhance the user’s sitting experience. These can include extra padding on the seat and backrest, wider armrests, and adjustable footrests. Some models may offer options for specialized seat cushions or backrests to provide optimal comfort and support.
  6. Mobility and maneuverability: Despite their wider design, bariatric wheelchairs are designed to provide mobility and maneuverability. They typically have large rear wheels for self-propulsion or ergonomic handles for caregiver assistance. The wheels and casters are designed for smooth operation and maneuvering in various environments.
  7. Safety features: Bariatric wheelchairs prioritize user safety. They are equipped with features such as wheel locks or brakes to secure the wheelchair in place during transfers or stationary use. Some models may also include seat belts or harnesses for added safety and security.
  8. Foldability and portability: Some extra wide bariatric wheelchairs offer folding capabilities for easier transportation and storage. The folding mechanism allows the wheelchair to collapse and become more compact, facilitating transport in vehicles or storing in limited spaces.
  9. Customization: Bariatric wheelchairs may offer customization options to cater to individual needs and preferences. This can include adjusting the seat height, backrest angle, or armrest height. Some models may also provide options for specialized seating accessories or positioning supports.

Extra wide bariatric wheelchairs provide individuals with larger body sizes or higher weight capacities a reliable and comfortable mobility solution. They are designed to accommodate bariatric users while ensuring stability, durability, and ease of use. These wheelchairs are commonly used in healthcare facilities, homes, and public spaces, providing individuals with the mobility and independence they need for daily activities and social participation.


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