Fetalscope Plastic & Stainless Steel

Fetalscope Plastic & Stainless Steel

A Fetalscope, also known as a Pinard Stethoscope or Pinard Horn, is a traditional and simple medical device used to listen to and monitor the fetal heartbeat during pregnancy. It is a non-electronic alternative to modern fetal dopplers and is commonly used in low-resource settings or as a backup tool when electronic monitoring is not available.



Key Features:

  1. Design: A Fetalscope typically consists of a hollow, trumpet-shaped instrument made from plastic or stainless steel. The trumpet-like shape helps amplify the sound of the fetal heartbeat.
  2. Acoustic Listening: Unlike electronic fetal dopplers, the Fetalscope relies solely on acoustic listening. The healthcare provider places the wide end of the Fetalscope against the mother’s abdomen to listen to the fetal heart sounds.
  3. No Batteries or Power Source: Since the Fetalscope is purely acoustic, it does not require batteries or a power source for operation.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: Fetalscopes are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use by healthcare professionals.
  5. Suitable for Low-Resource Settings: The simplicity of the Fetalscope makes it suitable for use in low-resource settings or areas with limited access to electronic monitoring equipment.
  6. No Need for Ultrasound Gel: Unlike ultrasound-based devices, the Fetalscope does not require the application of ultrasound gel on the mother’s abdomen.


Fetalscopes are used for listening to the fetal heartbeat during pregnancy for various purposes:

  1. Antenatal Check-ups: Healthcare providers use the Fetalscope during regular prenatal check-ups to monitor the fetal heart rate and assess the baby’s well-being.
  2. Low-Resource Settings: In areas with limited access to advanced electronic monitoring equipment, Fetalscopes offer a cost-effective and viable option for monitoring fetal heart sounds.
  3. Alternative Monitoring: In certain situations, such as when electronic fetal dopplers are unavailable or not recommended, the Fetalscope can be used as an alternative method for fetal heart auscultation.

Important Considerations:

  • Fetalscopes provide a basic form of fetal heart monitoring and are not as sensitive or advanced as electronic fetal dopplers or ultrasound devices.
  • The accuracy and audibility of the fetal heartbeat with a Fetalscope may vary depending on factors such as the baby’s position, the mother’s body composition, and the experience of the healthcare provider using the device.
  • It is essential to be trained and skilled in using a Fetalscope properly to obtain accurate results and avoid misinterpretation of fetal heart sounds.
  • In modern healthcare settings, electronic fetal dopplers and ultrasound devices are commonly used for more precise and comprehensive fetal heart monitoring.


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