Gauze Roll X Ray Detectable

Gauze Roll X Ray Detectable

X-Ray Detectable Gauze Roll is a medical product made of woven cotton fabric, featuring radiopaque markers (usually barium sulfate) for X-ray visibility. It is primarily used in surgical procedures and wound dressing applications. The radiopaque elements enable healthcare professionals to locate the gauze on X-ray images, making it valuable for monitoring and tracking during treatment.



Gauze Roll X-Ray Detectable, also known as X-ray detectable gauze roll or radiopaque gauze, is a specialized medical product used in healthcare settings for wound dressing and surgical applications. Here’s a description of its features and common uses:


  • Material: X-ray detectable gauze rolls are made of 100% woven cotton fabric, similar to regular gauze rolls, but with the addition of radiopaque elements. These elements typically include thin, visible stripes of materials like barium sulfate or other radiopaque substances.
  • Size: They come in various widths and lengths, making them suitable for different wound sizes and medical procedures.
  • Sterility: X-ray detectable gauze rolls are often packaged in sterile conditions to minimize the risk of infection during wound dressing or surgical use.


  • X-ray Visibility: The key feature of X-ray detectable gauze is its radiopacity, meaning it can be seen on X-ray images. The visible stripes or markers incorporated into the gauze allow medical professionals to identify its presence in the body and track its location during or after surgical procedures.
  • Conformable: Like regular gauze, X-ray detectable gauze is soft and conformable, allowing it to easily mold to the shape of wounds or surgical sites.
  • Absorbent: The gauze material is designed to be absorbent, helping to manage wound exudate and promote a clean healing environment.


  • Surgical Procedures: During surgeries, X-ray detectable gauze rolls are used for various purposes, such as packing open wounds, controlling bleeding, or as a barrier to separate organs or tissues during complex procedures. The radiopaque markers enable surgeons to monitor the placement and position of the gauze with X-ray imaging to ensure its correct location.
  • Wound Dressing: In wound care, X-ray detectable gauze is utilized for dressing wounds, particularly in cases where X-rays may be required to monitor foreign objects or surgical materials left in the body. The radiopaque markers make it easier for healthcare professionals to identify the presence of the gauze during follow-up X-ray examinations.
  • Trauma Cases: In emergency situations or cases of severe trauma, X-ray detectable gauze can be used to address bleeding, stabilize wounds, and provide a temporary dressing solution before more comprehensive medical treatment can be administered.


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