Gutter crutches

Gutter crutches

Gutter crutches, also known as forearm crutches or Canadian crutches, are mobility aids designed to provide support and assistance to individuals with lower limb injuries or disabilities. They are commonly used as an alternative to traditional underarm crutches and offer several advantages in terms of comfort and stability.



Here’s a description of gutter crutches:

  1. Construction: Gutter crutches are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel. They consist of two main components: the upper forearm cuff and the forearm support. The cuff is worn around the forearm, just below the elbow, while the forearm support extends down to the handgrip.
  2. Forearm cuff: The forearm cuff is a U-shaped component that fits snugly around the forearm, providing support and stability. It is padded for comfort and is adjustable to accommodate different forearm sizes. The cuff is designed to distribute the user’s weight across the forearm rather than focusing it on the armpits, reducing the risk of nerve damage or discomfort.
  3. Forearm support: The forearm support extends from the cuff down to the handgrip. It is angled and contoured to match the natural shape of the forearm, allowing for better weight distribution and reducing strain on the wrist and hand. The forearm support is typically height-adjustable to suit the user’s individual needs.
  4. Handgrip: At the end of the forearm support, there is a handgrip that the user holds onto while walking. The handgrip is usually ergonomically designed and may feature a non-slip surface for a secure and comfortable grip.
  5. Height adjustment: Gutter crutches often come with height adjustment mechanisms, allowing users to customize the crutches to their specific height requirements. This adjustability ensures proper fit and promotes better posture while walking.
  6. Rubber tips: The bottom ends of gutter crutches are equipped with rubber tips or ferrules, which provide traction and grip on various surfaces, preventing slipping and ensuring stability while walking.
  7. Weight-bearing support: Gutter crutches are designed to bear weight through the forearms, promoting a more natural and balanced gait. This weight distribution can help reduce strain on the shoulders, wrists, and hands compared to underarm crutches.

Gutter crutches offer increased mobility and support for individuals with lower limb injuries or disabilities. They provide a stable and comfortable walking aid that allows users to maintain their independence while recovering from injuries or managing long-term mobility challenges.


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