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Gypsona Pop

Gypsona Pop

Gypsona Pop is a type of plaster of Paris bandage widely used in medical settings. It sets quickly when mixed with water, providing strong and rigid support for fractures and musculoskeletal injuries. Its malleability allows for custom-fitting casts and splints, making it an essential tool for immobilizing and aiding the healing process of injured body parts. Additionally, Gypsona Pop finds applications in art, sculpture, and veterinary care.



“Gypsona Pop” is a type of medical product commonly known as plaster of Paris bandages. It is widely used in the healthcare field due to its versatility and effectiveness in various applications. Here’s a description of its features and uses:


  1. Plaster of Paris Material: Gypsona Pop is made from plaster of Paris, which is a type of calcium sulfate hemihydrate. This material is known for its ability to set and harden when mixed with water, making it ideal for immobilizing and supporting injured body parts.
  2. Quick Setting Time: Gypsona Pop has a relatively short setting time, allowing it to harden within minutes after application. This property is advantageous in emergency situations where a quick splint or cast is needed.
  3. Excellent Malleability: When soaked in water, Gypsona Pop becomes pliable and easy to mold, conforming to the shape of the body part it is applied to. This feature enables healthcare professionals to create custom-fitted casts or splints.
  4. Strong and Rigid Support: Once set, Gypsona Pop forms a strong and rigid structure, providing stable support to fractured or injured limbs, promoting proper healing.
  5. Perforated Design: Many Gypsona Pop bandages come with perforations along their length. These perforations allow for air circulation and help prevent skin maceration, reducing the risk of complications.


  1. Fracture Management: Gypsona Pop bandages are extensively used for setting and immobilizing fractures in bones. They provide essential support, stabilize the injured area, and facilitate the healing process.
  2. Orthopedic Supports: Besides fractures, Gypsona Pop is utilized in creating orthopedic supports, such as splints and casts, for various musculoskeletal conditions like sprains, strains, and joint injuries.
  3. Post-Operative Care: After surgical procedures involving bones or joints, Gypsona Pop casts are often employed to protect the surgical site and aid in post-operative recovery.
  4. Corrective Casting: Gypsona Pop can be used in orthopedics to correct certain deformities in bones or joints, providing controlled pressure to gradually improve alignment.
  5. Art and Sculpture: Beyond medical applications, Gypsona Pop is also used in art and sculpture as a versatile material for creating molds and casts.
  6. Veterinary Care: Veterinarians use Gypsona Pop in animal care to immobilize fractured limbs and support injured joints.
  7. First Aid and Sports Injuries: In emergency first aid situations, Gypsona Pop bandages can be used as temporary splints for stabilizing suspected fractures or injuries until proper medical attention is available.

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