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Hand Held Centrifuge

Hand Held Centrifuge

A handheld centrifuge, also known as a portable centrifuge or mini centrifuge, is a compact and lightweight laboratory instrument used to separate components of a liquid mixture based on their density through centrifugal force. It is designed for small-scale applications and is especially useful in situations where a standard benchtop centrifuge is not readily available or when portability is required.




Key features and components of a hand-held centrifuge include:

  1. Hand Crank or Manual Operation: Unlike traditional centrifuges powered by electricity, a hand-held centrifuge is operated manually by a hand crank or a similar mechanism. Users rotate the crank or handle to generate the centrifugal force needed for sample separation.
  2. Sample Holders: Hand-held centrifuges typically include tube holders or adapters to accommodate small sample tubes. These holders keep the tubes securely in place during the centrifugation process.
  3. Rotor: The rotor is the part of the centrifuge that holds the sample tubes during spinning. It is usually a fixed-angle rotor, which means the tubes are positioned at a constant angle relative to the axis of rotation.
  4. Lid or Cover: The hand-held centrifuge is equipped with a lid or cover that ensures the safety of the operator during centrifugation. It prevents the tubes from accidentally opening and spilling their contents.
  5. Timer: Some hand-held centrifuges may have a built-in timer or a visual indicator to monitor the duration of centrifugation accurately.
  6. Material: Hand-held centrifuges are often made of durable materials, such as plastic or metal, to withstand repeated use and handling.

Hand-held centrifuges are particularly useful in scenarios where access to electricity is limited, or when a rapid on-the-spot separation of samples is required. They are commonly used in remote fieldwork, point-of-care clinics, and for various diagnostic tests in resource-limited settings.


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