Hand Held Urine Analyzer

Hand Held Urine Analyzer

A Handheld Urine Analyzer is a portable medical device used to quickly and easily analyze urine samples at the point of care. It provides rapid results for various parameters and is commonly used in clinics, hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare settings for urinalysis testing.




Key features and components of a Handheld Urine Analyzer typically include:

  1. Sample Analysis: The analyzer is designed to analyze urine samples for various parameters, such as pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose, ketones, bilirubin, urobilinogen, leukocytes, nitrites, and blood.
  2. Test Strips: The handheld urine analyzer uses test strips with chemical reagents that react with the urine sample to produce color changes or signals corresponding to specific analytes.
  3. Measurement Mechanism: The analyzer employs photometric or reflectance photometry methods to measure the intensity of color changes on the test strips, correlating them with the concentration of the analytes.
  4. User Interface: The handheld analyzer typically has a simple and user-friendly interface, often consisting of a digital display screen and buttons for navigation and operation.
  5. Data Display: The analyzer displays the test results on the screen, showing the levels of different parameters in the urine sample.
  6. Data Storage: Some handheld urine analyzers have the capability to store test results, allowing for easy retrieval and record-keeping.
  7. Power Source: The analyzer is battery-powered for portability and ease of use in various settings.
  8. Calibration: Handheld urine analyzers require periodic calibration to ensure accurate and reliable test results.

Handheld Urine Analyzers provide quick and convenient urinalysis testing, enabling healthcare professionals to assess a patient’s kidney function, detect urinary tract infections, monitor diabetes management, and screen for various health conditions rapidly. They are particularly useful in point-of-care situations where immediate test results are needed for prompt diagnosis and treatment decisions.


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