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Hydraulic Multi-purpose Obsteric Table - Amaris Medical Solutions

Hydraulic Multi-purpose Obsteric Table

Hydraulic Multi-purpose Obsteric Table

A hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric table is a specialized medical table designed to provide comfort, safety, and flexibility during obstetric procedures, including childbirth, gynecological examinations, and related medical interventions. These tables are equipped with various features and adjustments to accommodate the needs of both patients and healthcare providers.




Here’s a description of a typical hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric table:

  1. Hydraulic operation: The table is powered by a hydraulic system that allows for smooth and precise adjustments of its various components. The hydraulic controls enable healthcare professionals to easily change the height, tilt, and position of the table according to the specific requirements of the procedure.
  2. Height adjustment: The hydraulic system enables convenient height adjustment of the table, allowing healthcare providers to position the table at the appropriate level for comfortable access and working positions. The height can be easily adjusted using a foot pedal or control panel.
  3. Backrest adjustment: The backrest of the table can be adjusted hydraulically to provide different sitting or reclining positions for the patient. This allows for comfortable positioning during examinations, procedures, and labor stages.
  4. Leg rest adjustment: Hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric tables often feature adjustable leg rests to support the legs during gynecological examinations, childbirth, or other procedures. The leg rests can be raised, lowered, or positioned at different angles, providing flexibility and comfort for the patient.
  5. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions: The hydraulic system allows for tilting the table in the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. Trendelenburg position refers to tilting the table with the head lower than the feet, while reverse Trendelenburg position tilts the table with the feet lower than the head. These positions can be beneficial for specific medical procedures or for patient comfort and positioning.
  6. Safety features: Hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric tables are equipped with safety features to ensure patient and healthcare provider safety. These features may include locking mechanisms to secure the table in place, side railings for additional support, and safety belts or straps to prevent falls or slippage.
  7. Mattress and padding: The table is typically equipped with a comfortable mattress and padding to provide support and cushioning for the patient during procedures and labor. The mattress and padding are designed with hygiene and infection control in mind, often with removable and cleanable covers.
  8. Accessories and attachments: Hydraulic obstetric tables may have additional accessories and attachments, such as adjustable stirrups for leg positioning, armrests, instrument trays, or anesthesia screens. These additions provide convenience and support for both patients and healthcare professionals during procedures.
  9. Maintenance and cleaning: Regular maintenance, cleaning, and disinfection are necessary to ensure the hygiene and durability of the hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric table. The table should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain its integrity and prevent cross-contamination.

Hydraulic multi-purpose obstetric tables provide a versatile and comfortable platform for obstetric procedures, facilitating efficient and safe care for patients during labor, delivery, and gynecological examinations. The hydraulic operation and adjustable features enhance healthcare providers’ flexibility and ergonomics, contributing to optimal patient outcomes and comfort.


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