Infant Hanging Scale 25kgs

Infant Hanging Scale 25kgs

The Infant Hanging Scale is a specialized medical device designed for accurately measuring the weight of infants and small children. This type of scale is commonly used in healthcare settings, pediatric clinics, and neonatal units to monitor the growth and development of babies.



Key Features:

  1. Weight Capacity: The Infant Hanging Scale typically has a maximum weight capacity of 25 kilograms (kg) or around 55 pounds. This range is suitable for weighing newborns and infants up to several years of age.
  2. Hanging Design: The scale features a sling or hammock-like design that allows the baby to lie comfortably while suspended from the scale’s hook or attachment. The sling is made of soft and durable materials to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort during the weighing process.
  3. Tare Function: Many Infant Hanging Scales are equipped with a tare function, allowing the scale to compensate for the weight of the sling or any additional items like blankets or clothing used during the weighing, providing a more accurate measurement of the baby’s weight.
  4. Clear Display: The scale usually has a clear and easy-to-read digital or analog display that shows the baby’s weight in kilograms or pounds. Some models may also display weight in both units.
  5. Zero and Hold Functions: The scale often has zero and hold functions. The zero function resets the scale to zero before placing the baby in the sling, ensuring an accurate measurement. The hold function freezes the weight on the display, allowing the healthcare provider to note the weight even after the baby is removed from the scale.
  6. Portable and Lightweight: Infant Hanging Scales are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to move and transport between different healthcare settings.
  7. Battery or AC Powered: The scale may be powered by batteries or electricity, offering flexibility in various medical environments.


The Infant Hanging Scale is used primarily for weighing infants and small children to monitor their growth, track changes in weight over time, and assess their nutritional status. Regular weight measurements are essential for assessing the baby’s health and development, ensuring they are gaining weight appropriately and meeting their growth milestones.

Healthcare professionals, pediatricians, and nurses rely on Infant Hanging Scales to provide accurate and reliable weight measurements, which are critical for diagnosing health conditions, determining medication dosages, and providing appropriate medical care to infants and young children.


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