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Knee immobilizer - Amaris Medical Solutions

Knee immobilizer

Knee immobilizer

A knee immobilizer is a medical device designed to restrict movement and provide stabilization to the knee joint following injury or surgery. It is commonly used to immobilize and protect the knee during the initial phase of recovery to promote healing and prevent further damage. Knee immobilizers are typically made from soft, padded materials and adjustable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.



Our Knee Immobilizer is carefully crafted to offer effective support and protection to the knee joint during the healing process. The immobilizer is made from high-quality and breathable materials, providing both comfort and stability.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Design: The knee immobilizer is adjustable, allowing healthcare professionals or caregivers to customize the fit based on the individual’s knee size and level of swelling.
  2. Padded Construction: The immobilizer is padded for added comfort and to reduce pressure points around the knee area.
  3. Three-Panel Design: Some knee immobilizers come with a three-panel design, providing better coverage and support to the entire knee joint.
  4. Velcro Closures: The immobilizer is equipped with Velcro closures or straps, ensuring easy application and a secure fit.
  5. Breathable Fabric: The materials used in the immobilizer are breathable, allowing air circulation to keep the skin dry and comfortable.


  1. Post-Surgery Recovery: The knee immobilizer is commonly used after knee surgeries, such as ACL reconstruction or meniscus repair, to protect the knee during the initial healing phase.
  2. Ligament Sprains: It aids in the management of knee ligament sprains by limiting movement and preventing further stress on the injured ligaments.
  3. Fracture Management: The immobilizer provides stability and support to the knee joint during the healing process of knee fractures.
  4. Knee Injuries: It is beneficial for managing various knee injuries, including strains, contusions, and dislocations, by minimizing movement and promoting healing.
  5. Pre-Surgery Support: In some cases, the knee immobilizer may be used before surgery to stabilize the knee and prevent additional injury.

Our Knee Immobilizer is an essential tool for healthcare professionals in providing effective and comfortable support to the knee joint during the recovery process. Its adjustable and padded design ensures optimal patient comfort and safety while promoting healing and protecting the knee from further damage. Experience the benefits of our Knee Immobilizer for targeted knee support and stability during the crucial stages of recovery.

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