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Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley - Amaris Medical Solutions

Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley

Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley

The Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley is a crucial piece of medical equipment used for safely transporting patients, particularly in emergency situations and during ambulance transfers. This trolley is designed to provide optimal support, stability, and comfort for patients while enabling healthcare providers to maneuver and transfer them easily.



Key Features:

  1. Sturdy Construction: The stretcher trolley is typically constructed with a strong and durable frame, often made of lightweight yet robust materials like aluminum or stainless steel.
  2. Folding Mechanism: Many manual ambulance stretcher trolleys are designed with a folding mechanism, allowing the trolley to be easily collapsed and stored when not in use or during transportation.
  3. Adjustable Backrest: The stretcher trolley often comes with an adjustable backrest, which allows patients to be placed in a semi-reclined position for comfort or medical reasons.
  4. Side Rails: The trolley may have foldable side rails that provide added security during patient transport, preventing accidental falls or movement during transit.
  5. Head and Footend Sections: The head and footend sections of the stretcher trolley are often detachable, allowing for easier patient transfer and access to medical procedures when needed.
  6. Patient Restraints: Some stretcher trolleys are equipped with patient restraint straps or belts to secure the patient safely during transit.
  7. Integrated IV Pole: Some models may feature an integrated IV pole, providing a convenient solution for carrying intravenous fluids and medications during transportation.
  8. Brakes: The stretcher trolley is typically equipped with reliable locking brakes on the wheels to prevent movement during patient transfers or while the trolley is stationary.
  9. Maneuverability: The trolley is designed with swivel casters, allowing healthcare providers to navigate through narrow spaces and around corners with ease.
  10. Mattress Pad: The stretcher trolley usually includes a comfortable and easy-to-clean mattress pad, ensuring patient comfort during transportation.


The Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley serves various purposes in the healthcare setting, including:

  1. Ambulance Transfers: The stretcher trolley is commonly used to load patients into ambulances and safely transport them to medical facilities.
  2. Emergency Response: In emergency situations, the trolley is utilized to evacuate and transport patients from accident scenes to ambulances or hospitals.
  3. Intra-hospital Transfers: The stretcher trolley is also employed for transferring patients between different departments within a hospital or healthcare facility.
  4. Post-operative Recovery: After surgery or medical procedures, the trolley is used to transport patients from the operating room to the recovery area.

The Manual Ambulance Stretcher Trolley plays a critical role in the efficient and safe transfer of patients, ensuring their well-being and comfort throughout the transportation process. Its user-friendly design and practical features make it an essential piece of equipment for emergency medical services and healthcare facilities.


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