Measured Volume Infusion Set

Measured Volume Infusion Set

A measured volume infusion set is a medical device used to administer a specific and precise volume of fluid to patients over a set period. It is designed with calibration markings and a flow regulator to accurately control the flow rate, ensuring precise medication administration and intravenous fluid delivery. These infusion sets are commonly used in hospitals and medical settings to administer medications, IV fluids, and blood products with utmost accuracy and safety.



A measured volume infusion set is a medical device used to deliver a precise and predetermined volume of fluid to a patient over a specific period. It is commonly used in medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, to administer medications, intravenous fluids, and other therapeutic solutions accurately.


  1. Precise volume control: The key feature of a measured volume infusion set is its ability to deliver a specific volume of fluid accurately. This is achieved through the design of the tubing and components, which allows for precise measurement and control of the fluid flow.
  2. Calibration markings: The infusion set tubing often has calibration markings that allow healthcare professionals to monitor the amount of fluid delivered to the patient during the infusion process.
  3. Drip chamber: Like standard infusion sets, a measured volume infusion set may include a drip chamber to visualize and control the flow of fluid into the patient’s intravenous access.
  4. Flow regulator: To maintain the precise delivery of fluid, a flow regulator or flow control device may be present in the set. This helps healthcare providers adjust the flow rate to match the prescribed volume and infusion duration accurately.
  5. Luer lock or luer slip connector: The measured volume infusion set is designed with a secure connector (luer lock or luer slip) at one end to attach to the IV catheter or patient’s intravenous access site.


  1. Medication administration: Measured volume infusion sets are widely used to administer medications that require precise dosing, such as antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and other intravenous therapies.
  2. IV fluid administration: In situations where a specific volume of intravenous fluid is required, measured volume infusion sets are used to ensure accurate fluid delivery.
  3. Critical care and intensive care: These infusion sets are commonly employed in critical care and intensive care units to administer medications and fluids accurately, especially in patients with strict fluid balance requirements.
  4. Pediatric and neonatal care: Measured volume infusion sets are particularly useful in pediatric and neonatal care, where accurate dosing and fluid control are essential to avoid potential complications.
  5. Blood transfusions: In certain cases, measured volume infusion sets may be used during blood transfusions to control the rate of blood flow and ensure precise transfusion volumes.


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