Medical Laundry Trolley

Medical Laundry Trolley

A Medical Laundry Trolley is a specialized piece of equipment used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, for the safe and efficient collection and transportation of soiled linens, bedding, and other textile items that require laundering. This trolley is an essential tool for maintaining proper hygiene and infection control within the medical setting.



Key Features:

  1. Construction: Medical laundry trolleys are typically constructed with durable materials like stainless steel or robust plastic. These materials ensure the trolley can withstand frequent use, heavy loads, and the rigors of a healthcare environment.
  2. Removable Bags or Bins: The trolley features removable bags or bins that can hold soiled linens. These bags are often color-coded to separate different types of linens, promoting efficient sorting and laundering processes.
  3. Adequate Capacity: The trolley is designed with sufficient capacity to accommodate a significant amount of soiled linens, reducing the frequency of emptying and allowing for more efficient laundry cycles.
  4. Hygienic Design: Medical laundry trolleys are designed with smooth surfaces and rounded edges to facilitate easy cleaning and disinfection. This ensures that the trolley remains hygienic and free from contaminants that could compromise infection control.
  5. Maneuverability: The trolley is equipped with sturdy casters, allowing it to move easily across different floor surfaces. Swivel casters enhance maneuverability, enabling smooth navigation around tight corners and in narrow hallways.
  6. Foot Brakes: To ensure stability and safety when loading or unloading the trolley, it often comes with foot-operated brakes that can lock the wheels in place.
  7. Push Handles: The trolley features ergonomic push handles at the front or sides, making it easy for healthcare staff to maneuver and control the trolley during transportation.
  8. Easy-to-Identify Labels: Many medical laundry trolleys have visible and easy-to-read labels indicating their purpose, such as “Soiled Linens” or “Laundry,” to prevent cross-contamination and ensure proper handling.


The primary use of the Medical Laundry Trolley is to facilitate the proper collection and transportation of soiled linens and textiles to the laundry area for washing and disinfection. After the soiled items are collected, the trolley can be wheeled to the designated laundry facility, where the contents are emptied for laundering.

By using a dedicated laundry trolley, healthcare facilities can maintain strict hygiene protocols, prevent the spread of infections, and efficiently manage the laundering process. The trolley’s durable construction, mobility, and hygienic design make it an indispensable asset for maintaining a clean and safe environment in healthcare settings.


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