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Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolley - Amaris Medical Solutions

Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolley

Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolley

The Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolley is a sturdy and durable medical device designed for safe and comfortable patient transfer within healthcare settings. Equipped with features such as padded surface, safety rails, height adjustment, and wheel locks, the trolley ensures the patient’s stability and convenience during transportation. It is commonly used to move patients within hospitals for various medical procedures, post-surgery recovery, emergency situations, and imaging tests. The trolley plays a vital role in providing efficient and secure patient transportation while minimizing the risk of injuries or discomfort.



A Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolley is a specialized medical device used in healthcare settings to transport patients during and after medical procedures. It is designed to provide a safe and comfortable means of transferring patients from one location to another within a medical facility. The trolley is equipped with various features to ensure the patient’s stability, convenience, and overall safety during transportation.


  1. Sturdy Construction: The transportation trolley is built with a robust and durable frame to support the weight of patients and medical equipment.
  2. Padded Surface: The trolley’s surface is often padded with a comfortable and easy-to-clean material, providing a soft and hygienic resting place for the patient.
  3. Safety Rails: The trolley is equipped with safety rails or side guards to prevent the patient from accidentally rolling or falling off during transportation.
  4. Height Adjustment: Many transportation trolleys have an adjustable height feature, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the trolley’s height for easy patient transfer and to match the bed or medical equipment’s height.
  5. Wheel Locks: The trolley is fitted with wheel locks to secure it in place when stationary, ensuring stability during patient transfer and treatment.
  6. IV Pole and Attachments: Some trolleys come with an IV pole or attachment points to secure medical equipment, such as intravenous (IV) lines and monitoring devices, during patient transportation.


  1. Intra-hospital Patient Transfer: Medical Operation Connection Transportation Trolleys are commonly used to transfer patients within a hospital or medical facility, such as from an operating room to a recovery area or to different departments for various medical procedures.
  2. Post-Surgery Recovery: After surgical procedures, patients may be transported on the trolley to the recovery area while they are still under the influence of anesthesia.
  3. Emergency Situations: In emergency cases, the trolley provides a quick and stable means to transport patients from the emergency department to other areas of the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.
  4. Radiology and Imaging: Patients may be transported on the trolley to radiology or imaging departments for diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs.
  5. Bedside Procedures: The trolley can be used for bedside procedures and treatments, allowing healthcare professionals to bring medical equipment and supplies directly to the patient’s location.
  6. Intensive Care Units (ICU): In intensive care settings, the trolley facilitates the safe transfer of critically ill patients between different units or for specialized procedures.


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