Micro Plate washer

Micro Plate washer

A Microplate Washer is a laboratory instrument designed to automate the process of washing and rinsing multiple samples in microplates. It is commonly used in various research, clinical, and diagnostic applications to remove unbound substances, such as unreacted reagents, cells, or biomolecules, from microplate wells after performing assays or experiments.




Key features and components of a Microplate Washer typically include:

  1. Plate Compatibility: The washer is designed to be compatible with different microplate formats, such as 96-well or 384-well microplates.
  2. Washing Mechanism: The washer uses different washing mechanisms, such as aspiration, dispensing, and aspiration/dispensing cycles, to thoroughly wash the wells without cross-contamination between samples.
  3. Dispensing System: The instrument is equipped with a dispensing system that delivers washing solutions, buffers, or solvents into the microplate wells.
  4. Aspiration System: The washer has an aspiration system that removes waste fluids from the wells after each washing step.
  5. Washing Parameters: Users can set various washing parameters, such as washing time, aspiration time, and number of washing cycles, based on the specific assay requirements.
  6. User Interface: The washer typically has a user-friendly interface, including a display screen and control panel, to allow researchers to input washing parameters and monitor the washing process.
  7. Program Memory: Many Microplate Washers have program memory to store washing protocols for different assays, allowing for easy recall and repetition of experiments.
  8. Automation: Some advanced models of Microplate Washers are equipped with robotic automation features, enabling high-throughput washing of large numbers of microplates.

Microplate Washers are valuable tools in laboratories, particularly in applications such as ELISAs (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays), cell-based assays, and various immunoassays. The automated washing process provided by the washer ensures consistency and reduces the risk of errors, leading to more reliable and reproducible experimental results.


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