Nelation Catheter

Nelation Catheter

The Nelation Catheter is an innovative medical device designed to offer a reliable and convenient solution for long-term intravenous treatments and therapies. Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, this catheter ensures optimal patient comfort and safety throughout its usage. The Nelation Catheter sets a new standard for delivering medications, fluids, and nutrition directly into the bloodstream, making it an essential tool for healthcare professionals.



Key Features:

  1. Dual Lumen Design: The Nelation Catheter features a dual lumen configuration, allowing for the simultaneous administration of multiple treatments, medications, or blood products. This dual lumen design streamlines treatment processes and minimizes the need for additional catheter insertions.
  2. Radiopaque Markings: Clear and precise radiopaque markings are integrated along the catheter’s length, facilitating accurate positioning during insertion. This feature assists healthcare professionals in placing the catheter optimally for effective treatment.
  3. Soft and Flexible Material: Crafted from a soft and flexible material, the Nelation Catheter prioritizes patient comfort during its wear. Its flexibility enables smooth navigation through veins, reducing the risk of complications during insertion.
  4. Sutureless Securement Device: The Nelation Catheter is equipped with an innovative sutureless securement device, providing reliable fixation without the need for traditional sutures. This feature enhances patient comfort and minimizes the risk of catheter-related infections.
  5. Integrated Clamp: The catheter features an integrated clamp that allows healthcare providers to control the flow of fluids or medications without requiring additional external accessories. This integrated clamp enhances the convenience and efficiency of treatment administration.


  1. Long-term Intravenous Therapies: The Nelation Catheter is primarily used for long-term intravenous therapies, including chemotherapy, antibiotic administration, parenteral nutrition, and extended medication regimens. Its dual lumen design accommodates simultaneous administration of multiple treatments.
  2. Frequent Blood Sampling: The Nelation Catheter facilitates easy and efficient blood sampling, reducing the need for multiple needle pricks and minimizing patient discomfort during blood tests.
  3. Extended Hospital Stays: In patients requiring prolonged hospital stays, the Nelation Catheter offers a stable and reliable access point for administering medications and fluids, reducing the need for frequent needle insertions.
  4. Home Care Settings: The Nelation Catheter allows for easy and safe management of treatments in home care settings, enhancing the quality of life for patients who require ongoing intravenous therapies.


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