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Non-Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes - Amaris Medical Solutions

Non-Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes

Non-Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes

Non-vacuum blood collection tubes, also known as non-vacutainer tubes, are a type of blood collection tube used to collect and store blood samples for various laboratory tests and analyses. Unlike vacuum blood collection tubes (Vacutainers), which use a vacuum to draw blood into the tube, non-vacuum tubes rely on a different mechanism for blood collection.



Here’s a description of non-vacuum blood collection tubes:

  1. Design: Non-vacuum blood collection tubes are typically made of high-quality plastic or glass material. They have a cylindrical shape with a closed top and an open bottom for blood collection.
  2. Additives and coatings: Non-vacuum tubes may contain various additives or coatings depending on the specific test requirements. These additives can include anticoagulants, clot activators, preservatives, or other substances needed for the stability and integrity of the blood sample.
  3. Blood collection process: Non-vacuum tubes require a manual blood collection process. Instead of relying on a vacuum to draw blood into the tube, a healthcare professional uses a syringe or a phlebotomy technique to transfer the appropriate amount of blood into the tube.
  4. Manual sealing: After the desired amount of blood is collected, the open bottom of the tube is sealed manually using a cap or stopper. The cap or stopper ensures a secure and leak-proof closure to prevent contamination and maintain the integrity of the blood sample.
  5. Laboratory compatibility: Non-vacuum blood collection tubes are compatible with standard laboratory equipment and processes. They can be centrifuged, allowing for separation of the blood components, such as plasma or serum, as required by the specific laboratory test.
  6. Test compatibility: Non-vacuum tubes can be used for a wide range of laboratory tests, including chemistry, hematology, serology, and blood banking tests. The specific type of non-vacuum tube used depends on the specific test requirements and the preferences of the laboratory or healthcare facility.
  7. Sample identification: Non-vacuum tubes often have spaces or labels on the tube surface for sample identification. Healthcare professionals can write or attach barcode labels to ensure accurate and traceable sample identification throughout the testing process.
  8. Storage and transportation: Non-vacuum tubes are designed for safe and secure storage and transportation of blood samples. They have tight seals to prevent leakage and ensure sample stability during handling and transit to the laboratory for analysis.

Non-vacuum blood collection tubes offer an alternative to vacuum blood collection systems and are suitable for specific laboratory tests that require manual blood collection. They provide an effective and reliable method for blood sample collection, ensuring accurate test results and facilitating efficient laboratory workflows.


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