One(1) Electric Crank/Function Hospital Bed

One(1) Electric Crank/Function Hospital Bed

The One(1) Electric Crank/Function Hospital Bed is a versatile and efficient medical bed designed to provide optimal comfort and functionality for patients in a healthcare setting. It is equipped with both electric and crank mechanisms, allowing for easy adjustments and positioning.



Key features of the bed include:

  1. Electric Adjustment: The bed is equipped with an electric motor that enables effortless adjustments to the height of the bed. This feature is particularly useful for healthcare providers, as it allows them to position the bed at an optimal height for patient care, reducing strain and improving efficiency.
  2. Crank Functionality: In addition to the electric adjustment, the bed also features a crank mechanism that controls the head and foot sections. This manual crank system allows for precise control over the bed’s positioning, providing individualized comfort to patients based on their specific needs.
  3. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: The bed may have the option to be placed in a Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg position. The Trendelenburg position tilts the entire bed with the head section lowered, while the Reverse Trendelenburg position raises the head section. These positions are often used during specific medical procedures or to aid patients with certain medical conditions.
  4. Side Rails: The bed may come with integrated side rails to enhance patient safety and prevent accidental falls during movement or repositioning.
  5. Mattress Platform: The bed features a sturdy and supportive mattress platform, which may be adjustable to accommodate different mattress sizes and types, depending on the specific model.
  6. Mobility and Locking: The bed may have locking casters on its base, allowing for easy mobility when needed and stable positioning when locked.
  7. Durability and Hygiene: Hospital beds are typically constructed with durable materials, designed to withstand rigorous use. They are also designed with easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain high hygiene standards in healthcare environments.
  8. Remote Control: Some models may come with a handheld remote control that enables caregivers or patients themselves to adjust the bed’s position conveniently.


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