Operation Connection Trolley

Operation Connection Trolley

The Operation Connection Trolley is a specialized medical equipment designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of surgical procedures in healthcare facilities. This versatile trolley serves as a central hub for organizing and storing essential surgical instruments and supplies, providing easy access to the surgical team during operations.



Key Features:

  1. Multiple Shelves and Compartments: The trolley is equipped with multiple shelves and compartments to accommodate a wide range of surgical instruments, tools, and supplies. These designated spaces help keep everything organized and readily accessible during surgical procedures.
  2. Durable Construction: The Operation Connection Trolley is built with robust materials, such as stainless steel or high-quality plastic, ensuring it can withstand the demands of a busy operating room and frequent use.
  3. Mobility: The trolley is fitted with smooth-rolling caster wheels, allowing easy mobility and positioning within the operating room. The wheels are often lockable to secure the trolley in place during surgery.
  4. Rails and Hooks: The trolley may feature side rails and hooks to hang additional instruments or equipment, optimizing space and keeping everything within reach for the surgical team.
  5. Integrated Power Outlets: Some models of the Operation Connection Trolley come equipped with integrated power outlets, enabling surgeons to connect and power surgical devices and equipment directly from the trolley.
  6. Cable Management: The trolley may have built-in cable management systems to keep power cords and cables organized and prevent tangling during surgical procedures.
  7. Removable Trays: Some trolley models feature removable trays, making it convenient for nurses and surgical staff to transport specific instruments or supplies separately from the trolley to the operating room.
  8. Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: The surfaces of the trolley are designed to be smooth and easy to clean, ensuring optimal infection control and maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room.
  9. Push Handles: The trolley typically has ergonomic push handles, allowing easy maneuvering by the surgical team, even in tight spaces.
  10. Anti-static Features: In some cases, the trolley may be equipped with anti-static properties to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which could potentially interfere with sensitive medical equipment.

The Operation Connection Trolley plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth and efficient surgical procedures by providing a well-organized and accessible platform for surgical instruments and supplies. Its durable construction, mobility, and practical features contribute to a safer and more productive operating room environment, allowing surgical teams to focus on providing the best possible patient care.


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