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Patient Hospital Trolley - Amaris Medical Solutions

Patient Hospital Trolley

Patient Hospital Trolley

A Patient Hospital Trolley, also known as a Hospital Bed or Hospital Patient Bed, is a specialized medical equipment used for the comfort and care of patients during their stay in a hospital or healthcare facility. It provides a safe and adjustable platform for patients to rest, receive medical treatment, and undergo various procedures while ensuring the well-being and ease of healthcare professionals in providing care.



Here’s a detailed description of a Patient Hospital Trolley:

  1. Construction: The hospital trolley is constructed with a sturdy frame made of materials such as steel or aluminum to provide strength and durability. The frame is designed to support the weight of the patient and any necessary medical equipment.
  2. Mattress: The trolley is equipped with a comfortable mattress designed to provide adequate support and cushioning for the patient. The mattress may have special features like pressure redistribution and antimicrobial properties to prevent bedsores and maintain hygiene.
  3. Height Adjustment: Hospital trolleys often come with height-adjustable features, allowing healthcare professionals to raise or lower the bed to a suitable level for patient care and transfer.
  4. Backrest and Legrest Adjustment: Many hospital trolleys have adjustable backrest and legrest sections, allowing patients to find a comfortable position for resting or sitting up.
  5. Side Rails: Some hospital trolleys have side rails on both sides of the bed. These rails can be raised or lowered to provide additional safety and prevent patients from accidentally falling out of bed.
  6. Wheels and Locks: Hospital trolleys are equipped with sturdy wheels or casters, allowing for easy mobility within the hospital. The wheels can be locked to secure the trolley in place when needed.
  7. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg: Advanced hospital trolleys may have the option of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions, which tilt the entire bed to facilitate patient positioning during medical procedures or enhance circulation.
  8. IV Pole and Accessories: Hospital trolleys may have integrated IV poles, hooks, and accessory mounting points to hold medical equipment, infusion pumps, and other necessary items for patient care.
  9. CPR Functionality: Some hospital trolleys have a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) function, allowing quick flattening of the bed to perform emergency resuscitation procedures.
  10. Cleaning and Maintenance: The materials used in the construction of hospital trolleys are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance to ensure infection control and hygiene in healthcare settings.

Patient Hospital Trolleys are essential equipment in healthcare facilities, providing a comfortable and safe space for patients to rest and receive medical care. Their adjustable features, mobility, and additional functions contribute to the efficient and effective care provided by healthcare professionals. Proper use, regular cleaning, and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of hospital trolleys in medical settings.


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