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Refrigerated Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

A Refrigerated Centrifuge is a laboratory instrument used to separate and isolate components of liquid samples based on their density, using centrifugal force. It is a critical tool in various scientific and clinical applications, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture, and blood banking.




Key features and components of a Refrigerated Centrifuge typically include:

  1. Centrifuge Rotor: The centrifuge rotor is the spinning component of the instrument that holds the sample tubes or containers. It is usually removable and comes in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various tube sizes and sample volumes.
  2. Refrigeration System: A Refrigerated Centrifuge is equipped with a cooling system, typically using a refrigeration unit or a Peltier cooling system, to maintain low temperatures during centrifugation. This is essential for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive samples.
  3. Temperature Control: The centrifuge has precise temperature control, often with a digital display and a temperature range typically from sub-ambient to near room temperature.
  4. Speed Control: The centrifuge can operate at different speeds, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) or gravitational force (g), allowing users to adjust the centrifugal force according to the specific separation requirements.
  5. Timer Function: Some models of Refrigerated Centrifuges may have a timer function that allows users to set the duration of the centrifugation process.
  6. Safety Features: Refrigerated Centrifuges are equipped with safety features such as lid-locking mechanisms, imbalance detection, and automatic shut-off to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  7. Digital Display and Controls: The centrifuge typically has a digital control panel with an easy-to-read display for setting parameters and monitoring the centrifugation process.
  8. Acceleration and Deceleration Profiles: Some advanced models offer programmable acceleration and deceleration profiles, providing smooth and gentle starts and stops to avoid sample disruption.
  9. Brushless Motor: Many modern Refrigerated Centrifuges are equipped with brushless motors, which are durable, require less maintenance, and produce less heat during operation.

Refrigerated Centrifuges are used for a wide range of applications, including separating blood components, pelleting cells, isolating DNA, and purifying proteins. The ability to maintain low temperatures during centrifugation makes them suitable for applications requiring preservation of temperature-sensitive samples. Proper care, maintenance, and calibration are essential to ensure accurate and consistent performance of the Refrigerated Centrifuge and reliable results in laboratory experiments and clinical applications.


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