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Semi electric five function ICU bed - Amaris Medical Solutions

Semi electric five function ICU bed

Semi electric five function ICU bed

A semi-electric five-function ICU bed is a specialized medical bed designed for patients requiring intensive care in a hospital or ICU setting. It offers a range of features and adjustments to provide optimal patient comfort, safety, and support during their critical care stay.



Here’s a description of a typical semi-electric five-function ICU bed:

  1. Electric and manual controls: A semi-electric ICU bed combines both electric and manual controls for different functions. It typically features electric controls for adjusting the height of the bed and the backrest angle, while manual controls are used for adjusting the knee break, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positions.
  2. Height adjustment: The electric height adjustment feature allows healthcare providers to raise or lower the bed to a desired height, enabling easier patient transfer, caregiving, and medical procedures. The bed can be adjusted to the most suitable height for medical professionals’ convenience and patient accessibility.
  3. Backrest adjustment: The electric backrest adjustment feature allows for easy and precise positioning of the backrest angle. This allows patients to find a comfortable sitting position, or it can be reclined for better patient relaxation or clinical procedures.
  4. Knee break adjustment: The knee break adjustment enables raising or lowering the lower leg section of the bed. This feature allows patients to adjust their leg position for improved comfort or to address specific medical needs, such as reducing pressure on the lower limbs or promoting circulation.
  5. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions: The bed can be tilted into the Trendelenburg position, where the head is lower than the feet, or the reverse Trendelenburg position, where the feet are lower than the head. These positions are helpful in certain medical situations, such as improving blood flow or facilitating specific procedures.
  6. Side railings: Semi-electric ICU beds often include adjustable side railings to enhance patient safety and prevent accidental falls. These railings can be raised, lowered, or folded down as needed, making it easier for caregivers to access and attend to the patient.
  7. Mattress platform and support surface: The bed features a sturdy and comfortable mattress platform designed to accommodate different types of pressure-reducing mattresses or support surfaces. These surfaces help distribute pressure evenly, reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, and provide added comfort for the patient.
  8. Mobility features: Some semi-electric ICU beds may have built-in casters or wheels for easy mobility and maneuverability within the healthcare facility. These casters can be locked in place to ensure stability when the bed is stationary.
  9. Patient control panel: Certain semi-electric ICU beds may have a patient control panel within the patient’s reach, allowing them to independently adjust certain bed functions such as bed height or backrest angle, promoting increased patient autonomy and comfort.

Semi-electric five-function ICU beds provide critical care patients with essential features and adjustments to ensure optimal comfort, safety, and clinical management. The combination of electric and manual controls offers flexibility and convenience for healthcare providers while supporting patient well-being during their intensive care stay.


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