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Snug knee Brace with ROM hinge open Type - Amaris Medical Solutions

Snug knee Brace with ROM hinge open Type

Snug knee Brace with ROM hinge open Type

The Snug knee brace with ROM hinge, open type, is a supportive device designed to provide stability and controlled movement to the knee joint. It features an open patella design and a hinge that allows for a range of motion. This brace is commonly used for postoperative rehabilitation, ligament injuries, knee arthritis, and sports activities. It offers a comfortable and adjustable fit, aiding in knee recovery and preventing further strain on the joint.



The Snug knee brace with ROM (Range of Motion) hinge, open type, is a specialized medical device designed to provide support, stability, and controlled movement to the knee joint. It features a wrap-around design with an open patella (kneecap) area and is equipped with a ROM hinge that allows controlled flexion and extension of the knee within a predetermined range. The brace is typically made from durable and breathable materials, ensuring comfort during use.


  1. Open Patella Design: The open type Snug knee brace has a cutout over the patella, providing additional comfort and allowing better ventilation around the kneecap.
  2. ROM Hinge: The hinge on the brace allows for controlled range of motion, enabling the knee to bend and straighten within specific limits. This feature is beneficial during rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries.
  3. Sturdy Support: The brace provides stability and support to the knee joint, limiting excessive movements and preventing further damage in case of sprains, strains, or ligament injuries.
  4. Adjustable Fit: Snug knee braces with ROM hinge open type often have adjustable straps, allowing users to customize the level of compression and ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  5. Lightweight and Breathable: The materials used in the brace are typically lightweight and breathable, preventing discomfort and excessive sweating during extended wear.


  1. Postoperative Rehabilitation: Snug knee braces with ROM hinge open type are commonly used in the postoperative phase after knee surgeries, providing support, controlled movement, and protection to the healing knee joint.
  2. Ligament Injuries: Individuals with ligament injuries like ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears or MCL (medial collateral ligament) injuries may use the brace to aid in recovery and prevent further strain on the injured ligaments.
  3. Knee Arthritis: The brace can offer support and relieve pain in individuals with knee arthritis by stabilizing the joint and allowing controlled movement without exacerbating the condition.
  4. Knee Flexibility and Strength Training: The ROM hinge feature allows controlled exercises to improve knee flexibility and strength during rehabilitation or physical therapy.
  5. Sports and Physical Activities: Athletes may wear the brace during sports activities to prevent knee injuries, especially if they have a history of knee problems.
  6. Patellar Tracking Issues: The open patella design of the brace can help individuals with patellar tracking issues by providing support around the kneecap while allowing freedom of movement.


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