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Standard Arm Crutch Stick - Amaris Medical Solutions

Standard Arm Crutch Stick

Standard Arm Crutch Stick

The standard arm crutch stick, commonly known as an underarm crutch, is a popular mobility aid used by individuals with temporary injuries or permanent disabilities affecting their lower limbs. It features a vertical shaft with a padded underarm support and a handgrip, providing stability and support while walking or standing. The crutch stick is height-adjustable and equipped with rubber tips for safety on various surfaces, helping users maintain their independence and mobility.



A standard arm crutch stick, also known as an underarm crutch, is a widely used mobility aid designed to assist individuals with temporary injuries or permanent disabilities affecting their lower limbs. It provides support and stability while walking or standing, allowing users to maintain or regain their independence and mobility.

Description of a Standard Arm Crutch Stick:

  1. Vertical Shaft: The crutch stick consists of a long, straight vertical shaft, typically made from lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or steel. The shaft provides the main structural support for the crutch.
  2. Underarm Support: Near the bottom of the crutch, there is a padded underarm support or cuff. The user places their forearm through this cuff, and it rests against their armpit to bear some of their weight while walking.
  3. Handgrip: At the top of the crutch stick, there is a horizontal handgrip. The user holds onto the handgrip while walking, which helps them maintain balance and stability.
  4. Height Adjustability: Most standard arm crutches are height-adjustable, allowing users to customize the crutch’s length to suit their individual height and comfort level.
  5. Rubber Tips: The bottom tips of the crutch stick usually have rubber caps to provide traction and prevent slipping on various surfaces, enhancing safety during use.

Uses of a Standard Arm Crutch Stick:

  1. Injury Recovery: One of the primary uses of a standard arm crutch stick is during the rehabilitation period after lower limb injuries such as fractures, sprains, or surgeries. It helps reduce weight-bearing on the injured limb, facilitating the healing process.
  2. Mobility Support: Individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities affecting their ability to walk, such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or muscular dystrophy, rely on arm crutches as an essential mobility aid to move around with greater independence.
  3. Temporary Disabilities: People with temporary mobility challenges due to conditions like ligament injuries or post-surgery recovery can use standard arm crutches to assist them in walking until they regain full mobility.
  4. Balance and Stability: Arm crutches offer support to individuals with balance issues or weakness in their lower limbs, enabling them to maintain stability while walking or standing.
  5. Long-Term Assistance: In some cases, individuals with permanent disabilities may use standard arm crutches as a long-term solution to improve their daily mobility and perform routine activities.

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