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Three (3) Function/Crank Electric Bed - Amaris Medical Solutions

Three (3) Function/Crank Electric Bed

Three (3) Function/Crank Electric Bed

A three-function/crank electric bed is a medical bed with electrically powered motors that enable three main adjustable functions: backrest adjustment, leg elevation, and bed height adjustment. The bed is controlled using an electric hand pendant or remote control, providing comfort and convenience for patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, and rehabilitation centers. Its versatile design caters to various medical conditions and facilitates efficient caregiving for both patients and healthcare professionals.



A three-function/crank electric bed is a medical bed equipped with electric motors that allow for effortless adjustments of various positions. It provides three main functions and is controlled using an electric hand pendant or remote control.

Description of a Three-Function/Crank Electric Bed:

  1. Electric Motors: The bed is powered by electric motors that enable smooth and quiet adjustments of the bed’s positions. These motors are controlled using a hand pendant or remote control for easy operation.
  2. Three Adjustable Functions: a. Backrest Adjustment: The electric bed allows the backrest to be raised or lowered to different angles, providing comfort and support for patients in a seated or reclined position. b. Leg Elevation: The bed’s leg section can be elevated or lowered independently, offering relief and improved blood circulation for patients with swollen legs or lower limb conditions. c. Bed Height Adjustment: The overall height of the bed can be electrically adjusted, making it easier for caregivers to attend to patients and facilitating safe transfers.
  3. Sturdy Frame and Safety Features: Like manual beds, electric beds are built with a durable frame to support patients of different sizes. They also come equipped with safety features such as side rails to prevent accidental falls and ensure patient safety.

Uses of a Three-Function/Crank Electric Bed:

  1. Hospital Care: Electric beds are commonly used in hospitals for patient care, offering comfort and ease of use for both patients and caregivers. The adjustable functions cater to various medical conditions and post-surgery recovery needs.
  2. Long-Term Care Facilities: In long-term care facilities, electric beds provide enhanced comfort and convenience for residents, especially those with mobility issues or chronic conditions.
  3. Home Care: Many individuals with medical conditions or mobility challenges prefer using electric beds at home, as they allow for easy adjustments and personalized positioning for better sleep and comfort.
  4. Rehabilitation Centers: Electric beds are widely used in rehabilitation centers to aid patients during their recovery process. The adjustable functions support therapy and assist patients in achieving optimal positions for healing and comfort.
  5. Elderly Care: Electric beds are commonly used in geriatric care to provide elderly patients with a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, as well as ease of movement in and out of bed.
  6. Palliative Care: In palliative care settings, electric beds offer comfort and flexibility, allowing patients with terminal illnesses to find positions that alleviate pain and discomfort during their final stages.


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