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Tripple lumen with dressing ADULT - Amaris Medical Solutions

Tripple lumen with dressing ADULT

Tripple lumen with dressing ADULT

A triple-lumen catheter with dressing, when referring to an adult, is a medical device designed for vascular access. It consists of a flexible tube with three separate channels or lumens that extend from a central hub. This type of catheter is typically inserted into a central vein in an adult patient, often via the subclavian or internal jugular vein, for various medical purposes. The dressing is an essential component of the catheter to secure it in place and maintain sterility.




A triple-lumen catheter with dressing is typically used for various medical purposes, particularly in adult patients. These catheters have three separate channels, or lumens, that allow healthcare providers to perform multiple functions with a single device. Here are some common uses of a triple-lumen catheter with dressing in adult patients:

  1. Central Venous Pressure (CVP) Monitoring: Triple-lumen catheters can be inserted into a central vein, such as the subclavian or internal jugular vein, to monitor a patient’s central venous pressure. This provides information about a patient’s fluid status and can help guide fluid management and hemodynamic support.
  2. Administering Medications: One of the lumens can be used for administering medications, fluids, or blood products. This can be particularly useful in critically ill patients who require frequent or simultaneous drug infusions.
  3. Blood Draws: Another lumen can be used for drawing blood samples for diagnostic tests without the need for additional needle sticks, which can be important for patients requiring frequent blood tests.
  4. Fluid Resuscitation: In emergency and critical care settings, a triple-lumen catheter can be used for rapid fluid resuscitation to manage hypovolemia or shock.
  5. Parenteral Nutrition: Some patients may require parenteral nutrition (nutrition delivered intravenously), and one of the lumens can be used for this purpose.
  6. Hemodialysis or Plasmapheresis: Triple-lumen catheters can be used for temporary hemodialysis or plasmapheresis access in patients with kidney or blood disorders.
  7. Central Line Maintenance: The dressing and catheter itself should be properly maintained to reduce the risk of infection and complications. The dressing helps secure the catheter and maintain sterility.



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