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Tropicool 7,14,21,35 litres - Amaris Medical Solutions

Tropicool 7,14,21,35 litres

Tropicool 7,14,21,35 litres

“Tropicool” refers to a brand that offers portable refrigeration and cooling solutions. The numbers 7, 14, 21, and 35 litres represent the different capacities of their products. Each Tropicool product corresponds to a specific capacity suitable for various cooling and refrigeration needs.



Here’s a general description of the Tropicool products with different capacities:

  1. Tropicool 7 litres: This is a portable cooler or mini-fridge with a capacity of 7 liters. It is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and ideal for personal use, small outings, picnics, or keeping beverages and snacks chilled while on the go.
  2. Tropicool 14 litres: The 14-liter model offers a slightly larger capacity compared to the 7-liter variant. It is suitable for personal use, short trips, camping, and cooling a moderate amount of food and beverages.
  3. Tropicool 21 litres: The 21-liter model provides even more storage space than the previous two options. It can accommodate a greater quantity of food and drinks, making it suitable for slightly longer trips, outdoor activities, or use in small offices or dormitories.
  4. Tropicool 35 litres: The 35-liter model is the largest capacity among the mentioned options. It offers ample space for storing a significant amount of food and beverages, making it suitable for longer trips, family outings, road trips, or small businesses that require additional cooling capacity.

It is important to note that the specific features and functionalities of each Tropicool product may vary depending on the model and its intended use. Some Tropicool products may serve as both coolers and warmers, providing cooling in warm weather and heating capabilities in colder conditions. Additionally, some models may feature both AC and DC power options, allowing them to be powered from both mains electricity and car battery outlets.


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