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Tube Roller

Tube Roller

A Tube Roller, also known as a Tube Rotator or Tube Roller Mixer, is a laboratory device used for gentle mixing and agitation of tubes or containers containing liquid samples. It is commonly found in scientific research laboratories, clinical labs, and other settings where controlled mixing of samples in tubes is required.




Key features and components of a Tube Roller typically include:

  1. Tube Rack or Platform: The Tube Roller has a rack or platform where the tubes or containers are placed for mixing. The platform is usually adjustable to accommodate different tube sizes and securely hold them during rotation.
  2. Roller Mechanism: The primary mixing action of the Tube Roller is achieved through a gentle rolling or rocking motion. The rollers on the platform rotate or oscillate, causing the tubes to gently rock back and forth.
  3. Motor: The Tube Roller is powered by an electric motor that drives the roller mechanism. The motor’s speed can typically be adjusted to control the intensity of the mixing action.
  4. Speed Control: The speed of the tube rotation or rocking motion can be adjusted using a control knob or a digital interface. This feature allows users to choose the appropriate speed for different sample types and mixing requirements.
  5. Timer Function: Some Tube Rollers come with a built-in timer function, allowing users to set the desired mixing time and automatically stop the operation once the time is reached.
  6. Stability and Safety: Tube Rollers are designed with a stable base and non-slip feet to prevent tipping or movement during operation. They may also have safety features such as auto-shutoff in case of excessive load or imbalance.
  7. Capacity: Tube Rollers can handle multiple tubes simultaneously, usually ranging from a few tubes up to dozens, depending on the model.
  8. Compact and Space-Saving: Tube Rollers are usually compact and take up minimal benchtop space, making them suitable for crowded laboratory workstations.

Tube Rollers are ideal for gentle mixing of biological samples, including blood, urine, cell cultures, and other liquid-based assays. They are commonly used in applications such as hybridization, Western blotting, DNA extraction, ELISA, and incubation. The controlled and gentle mixing provided by Tube Rollers helps maintain the integrity of sensitive samples and ensures homogenous mixing for accurate and reliable results in various laboratory procedures.


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