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Tuning Fork Set II/2 - Amaris Medical Solutions

Tuning Fork Set II/2

Tuning Fork Set II/2

The Tuning Fork Set II/2 is a collection of precision-crafted tuning forks made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. The set includes multiple tuning forks, each labeled with its specific frequency in Hertz (Hz). These tuning forks produce pure and accurate sound frequencies when struck, making them valuable tools for hearing assessment, vibratory sensation testing, medical education, and more. They are commonly used by audiologists, neurologists, and healthcare professionals to evaluate hearing, assess vibratory sensation, and conduct various diagnostic tests. The Tuning Fork Set II/2 is an essential instrument for clinical examinations and medical training, providing reliable and standardized sound frequencies for different diagnostic purposes.



The Tuning Fork Set II/2 is a collection of tuning forks that are precision-crafted to produce specific sound frequencies when struck. This set typically includes multiple tuning forks, each labeled with its corresponding frequency in Hertz (Hz).


  1. High-Quality Construction: The tuning forks in Set II/2 are made from high-quality materials, often stainless steel or aluminum, to ensure durability and accurate sound production.
  2. Different Frequencies: The set contains tuning forks with various frequencies, each calibrated to a specific pitch. Common frequencies in a tuning fork set may include 128 Hz, 256 Hz, 512 Hz, 1024 Hz, and others.
  3. Markings: Each tuning fork is usually labeled with its corresponding frequency for easy identification.
  4. Resonance and Vibration: When struck, the tuning forks produce a pure sound with minimal overtones, allowing for accurate assessment of hearing and vibratory sensation.
  5. Non-Magnetic: Tuning forks in this set are often non-magnetic, making them suitable for use in MRI environments or other situations where magnetic interference must be minimized.


  1. Hearing Assessment: Tuning forks are commonly used in audiology to evaluate hearing. They can help determine the type and degree of hearing loss by conducting various tests, such as the Rinne test and Weber test.
  2. Vibratory Sensation Testing: In neurology, tuning forks are utilized to assess vibratory sensation and proprioception (sense of body position) in patients with neurological conditions.
  3. Medical Education: Tuning fork sets are valuable tools in medical education, allowing students and healthcare professionals to practice and learn various assessment techniques.
  4. Musical Training: Tuning forks can also be used in music education to train individuals’ ears to recognize and produce specific pitches.
  5. Diagnosis of Bone Fractures: In some cases, tuning forks can be used as a diagnostic tool to assess bone fractures, where they are placed on the bone surface, and the patient is asked to report any increase in pain.
  6. Alternative Medicine: Some alternative medicine practices incorporate tuning forks for various healing therapies, although scientific evidence supporting their efficacy in this context is limited.


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