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Vacuum Extractor original Malstrom Type - Amaris Medical Solutions

Vacuum Extractor original Malstrom Type

Vacuum Extractor original Malstrom Type

The “Malmstrom Type” Vacuum Extractor, also known as the Malmstrom Vacuum Extractor or Malmstrom Operative Obstetric Vacuum Extractor, is a medical device used in obstetrics to assist in the delivery of a baby during childbirth. It is a suction-based instrument designed to provide traction and aid in the safe extraction of the baby’s head when maternal pushing efforts are insufficient or when there is a need to expedite the delivery process.



Here is a description of the typical features and characteristics of the Malmstrom Type Vacuum Extractor:

  1. Suction Cup or Cupped Metal Cup: The vacuum extractor consists of a soft, flexible suction cup or a cupped metal cup with an inflatable rubber rim. The cup is designed to be placed on the baby’s head, typically on the occiput (back of the head).
  2. Vacuum Source: The extractor is connected to a vacuum source, such as a manual pump or an electric vacuum pump. The vacuum creates negative pressure within the cup, allowing it to securely attach to the baby’s head.
  3. Handle and Pumping Mechanism: The extractor’s handle allows the healthcare provider to control the vacuum level and provides a means for applying traction during the delivery. In the case of a manual pump, the handle is used to manually create suction within the cup.
  4. Release Valve: The device has a release valve to control the release of vacuum pressure when necessary. This allows for adjustments during the extraction process and safe removal of the cup after delivery.
  5. Graduated Measurement: Some vacuum extractors may have a graduated scale or markings on the handle, which help the healthcare provider monitor the amount of traction applied during the extraction.
  6. Sterile and Single-Use Components: The suction cup or cupped metal cup is usually a disposable component designed for single-use to maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination between deliveries.

The Malmstrom Type Vacuum Extractor is typically used in situations where assisted vaginal delivery is indicated and requires careful assessment by a skilled healthcare provider, such as an obstetrician or midwife. The device is employed in cases of prolonged labor, maternal exhaustion, fetal distress, or the need to expedite delivery for the well-being of the mother and baby.


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