Vacuum Extractor Silicom Cup 60mm

Vacuum Extractor Silicom Cup 60mm

A vacuum extractor with a silicone cup is a medical device used in obstetrics to assist with the delivery of a baby during childbirth. It is a type of vacuum-assisted delivery device, commonly known as a ventouse.



Key features and components of a vacuum extractor with a silicone cup could include:

  1. Silicone Cup: The extractor is equipped with a single cup made of medical-grade silicone material. The silicone cup is soft and flexible, designed to create a secure seal against the baby’s head during the delivery process.
  2. Vacuum Pump: The device is connected to a vacuum pump that generates negative pressure, creating a vacuum within the silicone cup.
  3. Suction Tubing: Suction tubing connects the vacuum pump to the silicone cup, allowing the negative pressure to be transmitted and maintained during the extraction.
  4. Handle and Control Valve: The extractor has a handle that the obstetrician or healthcare provider holds to control the application and release of suction. A control valve on the handle allows the operator to regulate the vacuum pressure.
  5. Pressure Gauge (Optional): Some vacuum extractors may include a pressure gauge to monitor the vacuum level and ensure that it remains within safe and effective limits during the delivery.

How it works: During childbirth, if there are difficulties in the baby’s progress through the birth canal or indications of distress, a vacuum extractor with a silicone cup may be used. The silicone cup is placed on the baby’s head, and the vacuum pump is activated to create suction, gently gripping the head. As the mother pushes during contractions, the obstetrician or healthcare provider applies gentle traction on the extractor’s handle, aiding the baby’s descent through the birth canal. The vacuum-assisted delivery can assist in expediting the delivery process while minimizing the need for more invasive interventions, such as forceps-assisted delivery or cesarean section.


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