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Spinal Needles

Spinal Needles

Spinal needles, also known as lumbar puncture needles or spinal taps, are specialized medical devices used to perform lumbar punctures or spinal anesthesia procedures. These needles are designed to safely and accurately access the subarachnoid space in the spine to withdraw cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for diagnostic purposes or to administer medications for spinal anesthesia.



Product Description: Spinal needles are precision-engineered medical instruments designed to provide a safe and controlled access point to the subarachnoid space of the spinal column. They are available in various lengths, gauges, and tip designs to cater to different patient needs and specific medical procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Hub Design: The spinal needle is equipped with a hub that provides a secure grip for healthcare professionals during the insertion and removal of the needle.
  2. Bevel and Stylet: The needle features a bevel at the tip, facilitating smooth and controlled penetration through the spinal tissues. Some spinal needles come with a removable stylet that is inserted into the needle during insertion and removed to allow fluid collection or medication administration.
  3. Depth Markings: Many spinal needles have depth markings along the needle shaft, allowing healthcare professionals to gauge the depth of needle insertion accurately.
  4. Quincke or Whitacre Tip: Spinal needles are available with different tip designs, such as Quincke or Whitacre tips, which may influence the characteristics of the spinal puncture.
  5. Sterile Packaging: Each spinal needle is individually packaged in a sterile container to maintain the highest level of hygiene and prevent contamination.


  1. Lumbar Puncture: Spinal needles are primarily used to perform lumbar punctures, a diagnostic procedure that involves withdrawing a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid from the subarachnoid space surrounding the spinal cord for analysis.
  2. Spinal Anesthesia: In regional anesthesia, spinal needles are used to administer anesthetic medications directly into the subarachnoid space, providing anesthesia for surgical procedures in the lower abdomen, pelvis, and lower extremities.
  3. Therapeutic Drainage: Spinal needles may also be used for therapeutic purposes, such as draining excessive cerebrospinal fluid in cases of hydrocephalus or to administer medications for specific spinal conditions.

Spinal needle procedures require advanced training and skill by healthcare professionals, such as anesthesiologists or neurologists. Proper sterile technique and patient positioning are crucial to ensure safe and accurate needle insertion. Additionally, the use of spinal needles should be done with caution and attention to patient safety due to the potential risks associated with the procedure, including infection, nerve injury, or CSF leakage.


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