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Blood Giving set - Amaris Medical Solutions

Blood Giving set

Blood Giving set

A blood giving set, also known as a blood transfusion set, is a sterile and flexible tubing system used for the safe and controlled administration of blood and blood products to patients. It consists of a spike to pierce the blood bag, a drip chamber to eliminate air bubbles, and a flow regulator or clamp to control the flow rate. Blood giving sets are essential medical devices used during blood transfusions to treat various medical conditions, restore blood volume, and improve oxygen-carrying capacity in patients.



A blood giving set consists of a long, flexible, and sterile tubing system with various components. It typically includes a spike at one end for piercing the donor blood bag or container and a luer lock or luer slip connector at the other end to attach to the patient’s intravenous (IV) access site. Along the tubing, there may be a drip chamber, an inline filter, a flow regulator, and a clamp for controlling the flow rate.


  1. Sterility: Blood giving sets are provided in sterile packaging to maintain the integrity of the blood products and prevent infections during transfusion.
  2. Air elimination: The drip chamber in the set helps to remove air bubbles from the blood, ensuring that only the blood or blood product flows into the patient’s bloodstream during transfusion.
  3. Flow control: The set includes a flow regulator or clamp, allowing healthcare professionals to adjust and control the rate of blood flow during the transfusion process.
  4. Compatibility: Blood giving sets are designed to be compatible with standard blood bags and IV access devices, ensuring easy and secure connections.
  5. Inline filter: Some sets may have an inline filter to remove any potential particles or debris from the blood, enhancing the safety of the transfusion.


  1. Blood transfusions: The primary use of blood giving sets is for blood transfusions, where blood or blood products, such as red blood cells, platelets, or plasma, are administered to patients to treat various medical conditions like anemia, bleeding disorders, or during surgeries.
  2. Infusion of blood products: Apart from whole blood, blood giving sets can be used for the controlled administration of blood components like platelets, plasma, or specific blood products based on the patient’s needs.
  3. Emergency situations: Blood giving sets are essential during emergency situations, such as trauma cases or major surgeries, where rapid and efficient blood transfusion is required.
  4. Chronic conditions: Patients with chronic medical conditions, such as certain cancers or autoimmune disorders, may require regular blood transfusions, and blood giving sets are indispensable in managing their treatment.


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